Professor Chris Aulich

Research Interests

Local government consolidation, public sector agencies and privatisation.


Chris is a Professor in Public Administration at the University of Canberra. He works part-time at UC and is the coordinator of the Institute’s Local Government program. In this role he also manages the research program of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government where UC is a consortium partner.

Chris came to UC from the commonwealth public sector where he held senior appointments in the areas of sport and local government. At UC he served as Head of School of Management & Policy and Director of the Centre for Research in Public Sector Management (CRPSM). He maintains an active research profile having now co-edited four books involving members of CRPSM and the Institute. The most recent is Rudd’s Government, the tenth volume in the Australian Commonwealth Administration series which has mapped each of Australia’s governments since 1983. Chris has also published widely in both Australian and international books and journals.

JournalAulich C. and Hughes, M. , (2013), Privatizing Australian Airports: Ownership, Divestment and Financial Performance, Public Organization Review
Book ChapterAulich, C., Grattan, M., McCaffrie, B. & Tennant-Wood, R. , (2013), Eden-Monaro, the Bellwether Seat, in Aulich, C. (eds.), The Gillard Governments: Commonwealth Administration 2010-2013, (Melbourne University Press), pp. 243-263
Book ChapterAulich,C., (2013), A narrative, a narrative, my kingdom for a narrative, in Aulich,C.(eds.), The Gillard Governments: Australian Commonwealth Administration 2010-2013, (Melbourne University Press), pp. 1-21
JournalAulich C., Sansom, G. and McKinley, P. , (2013), A Fresh Look at Municipal Consolidation in Australia, Local Government Studies , 40, 1, pp. 1-20
Conference ProceedingAulich, C., (2011), Sometimes Bigger is Beautiful Too: A fresh look at municipal consolidation in Australia, European Group on Public Administration, (Bucharest, September)
Book ChapterAulich, C., (2010), Reconstructing the Australian State: the privatisation factor, in Springford, J.(eds.), Dealing with debt: Lessons from abroad, (Centre Forum, London), pp. 74-92
JournalAulich, C. & Artist, S., (2010), Emerging from the Chrysalis: Participatory Governance in Australian Local Government, Asian Review of Public Administration, 22, 1, pp. 48-63
Book ChapterAulich, C., (2010), Citizen Participation and Local Governance: The Australian Experience, in Brunet-Jailly, E. & Martin, J.(eds.), Local Government in a Global World, (University of Toronto Press, Toronto)
JournalAulich, C., Batainah, H. & Wettenhall, R., (2010), Autonomy and Control in Australian Agencies: Data and Preliminary Findings from a Cross-National Empirical Study, Australian Journal of Public Administration, 69, 2, pp. 214-228
Book(2008), Howard's Fourth Government: Australian Commonwealth Administration 2004-2007, in Wettenhall, R. & Aulich, C.(eds.), (UNSW Press, Sydney)
Book(2005), Howard's Second and Third Governments: Australian Commonwealth Administration 1998-2004, in Wettenhall, R & Aulich, C(eds.), (UNSW Press, Sydney)
BookAulich, C., (2005), Australia: Still a Case of Cinderella?, in Rose, L .E. & Denters, S. A. H.(eds.), Comparing Local Governance: Trends and Developments, (Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK), pp. 193-210
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