Former Staff and Visitors

Former Staff

  • Hedda Ransan-Cooper, Research Fellow (2016-2017)
  • Lucy Parry, Research Assistant (2015-2017)

  • Andrea Felicetti, Research Assistant (2014)
  • Beibei Tang, Postdoctoral Fellow (2011-2013)
  • Elaine Santos, Research Assistant (2010-2013)
  • Hayley Stevenson, Postdoctoral Fellow (2009-2011)
  • Alessanda Pecci, Research Assistant (2009-2011)
  • Bora Kanra, Research Fellow (2002-2011) 

Former Visitors


  • Sofie Marien (March)
  • Hans Asenbaum (February-March)
  • Ricardo Mendonca (February)
  • Marit Hammond (February)
  • Karin Backstrand (February)
  • Kimmo Grounlund (January-February)
  • Li-chia Lo (January-February)
  • Medelaine Egan (January-February)
  • Asa Persson, Stockholm Environment Institute (January-February)


  • Benjamin Lyons, University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center (October)
  • Eda Keremoglu-Waibler, University of Stuttgart (September-October)
  • Tony La Vina, Ateneo de Manilla University (August-September)
  • John Min, College of Southern Nevada (July-August)
  • Stephen Elstub, Newcastle University (June-July)
  • Tetsuki Tamura, Nagoya University (March)


  • Lucy Hatton, University of Warwick (May)
  • Bahadir Celiktemur, University of Warwick (May)
  • Katherine Curchin, Australian National University (April)
  • William Smith, Chinese University of Hong Kong (March)
  • Andre Bachtinger, University of Lucerne (February)
  • John Parkinson, Griffith University (February)
  • Lucy Parry, University of Sheffield (January to March, June to August)


  • Jonathan Kuyper, Stockholm University (July)
  • Hayley Stevenson, University of Sheffield (July)
  • Albert Dzur, Bowling Green State University (July)
  • Marit Böker, University of Essex (July-August)
  • Marta Wojciechowska, London School of Economics (July-August)
  • Ian O'Flynn Newcastle University (July-August) 
  • Hoi Kong, McGill University (April)
  • Kimmo Grönlund, Åbo Akademi (February)


  • Genevieve Fuji Johnson, Simon Fraser University (March-April)
  • Debashish Munshi, University of Waikato (January)
  • Priya Anna Kurian, University of Waikato (January)


  • Walter Frank Baber, Public Policy and Administration, California State University (August)
  • Andrew Knops, Lecturer, University of Birmingham (August)
  • Sabine Stumpf, PhD Student, Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (April)


  • Zsuzsanna Chappell, Fellow in Political Theory, London School of Economics (July-Sepetember 2011)

  • James Wong, Doctoral Candidate, London School of Economics (July-Sepetember 2011)

  • Nicole Curato, University of Birmingham (July-September 2011)

  • John Barry, Politics, Queen's University Belfast (February-April)
  • Maija Setälä, Academy Research Fellow, University of Turku (March)
  • Kersty Hobson, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford (January-February)
  • John Parkinson, Public Policy, University of Warwick


  • Joachim Blatter, Political Science, University of Lucerne (November-December)
  • Anne Phillips, Political & Gender Theory, London School of Economics (February-March)
  • Qingzhi Huan, Professor, Peking University (June-September)
  • Henrik Bang, Political Science, University of Copenhagen


  • Ank Michels, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University (August-September)
  • Cor van Montfort, Tilburg University (August-September)
  • Tetsuki Tamura, Professor of Political Science, Nagoya University, Japan (September 2009-August 2011)
  • Andre Bachtinger, University of Lucerne
  • Professor John Gastil, Communications, University of Washington 
  • Karolina Milewicz, Oxford University 


  • Monique Leyenaar, Comparative Politics, Radboud University Nijmegen (November)
  • Frank Fischer, Rutgers University


  • Tom Flynn, PhD Student, The University of York (July-October)
  • Kasper M. Hansen, University of Copenhagen (January-June)
  • Claudia Landwehr, Junior Research Fellow, University of Hamburg (January-February)
  • Ricardo Fabrino Mendonca, Assistant Professor, Federal University of Minas Gerais, (August 2007-June 2008)
  • Claus Offe, Political Sociology, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin (October 2007-January 2008)
  • SoonYawl Park, Seoul National University, (November 2007-October 2008)


  • Meena Krishnamurthy, Philosophy, University of Manitoba

  • Suzanne Dovi, Political Science, University of Arizona

  • Christian List, Political Science & Philosophy, London School of Economics
  • David Estlund, Philosophy, Brown University 
  • Geoffrey Stokes, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research), Deakin University

  • Henry Richardson, Philosophy, Georgetown University

  • Jane Mansbridge, Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values, Harvard Kennedy School

  • John Ferejohn, Stanford University
  • Peter John, The University of Manchester

  • Thomas Christiano, Philosophy, University of Arizona