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Address: Building 23, Level B University of Canberra Phone: +61 (0) 410 911 723

Kei Nishiyama is a Ph.D. student at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy & Global Governance.. His Ph.D. resarch - under the supervision of Prof John Dryzek and Dr Selen Ercan - investigates the way in which children can act as agents (rather than merely future citizens) of deliberative democracy. By employing the deliberative system appraoch as a theoretical framewrok, Kei considers pathways in which children's various deliberative actions (including deliberation in public space, participating in activist groups, deliberating in schools, deliberating with families or friends) can be incorporated in a wider deliberative system. Previosuly Kei studied philosophy of education at Rikkyo University (Japan) and gained a Bachelor (Arts in Education) and a Master Degree (Pedagogy). Kei is also a dialogue practitoner (6 years experience) of one deliberative practice in schools and society, called "philosophy for children." Kei is currently a part-time lecturer at the Department of Behavioral Science of Motivation, Correspondence College, Tokyo Future University, Japan. He lectures on politics of schooling, namely multiculturalism and identity problems in the context of school education.



  • 2015-Present: Ph.D. Student in Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra, Australia
  • 2014. MA Pedagogy, Rikkyo University
  • 2012. BA Education, Rikkyo University


  • 2015-Present: Part-time lecturer at Tokyo Future University, Japan (Correspondence course)


  • 2015-Present. Japan Student Services Organization 2nd  Scholarship (Overseas)
  • 2014. A Special Award of Rikkyo University 100th Anniversary of Department of Arts (for my Master thesis “Deliberating in Democracy and Education”)

  • 2008. Scholarship for Encouraging Academic Work at Rikkyo University.


  • Member, The Study of Materialism in Japan
  • Member, The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children


  • Main facilitator of ‘Philosophy for Children’

Kanto-Daiichi Elementary School, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan (2013)

Community Centre at Yorii-city, Saitama Prefecture, Japan (2013-2014)

  • Main facilitator of Philo-Café

Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan (2013)

Research Projects
  • Children in Deliberative System: From Children as Future Citizens to Effective Deliberators (Ph.D. project, see overview)

  • Understanding and Evaluating Deliberative Systems

    Investigators: Andre Bachtiger, Nicole Curato, John Dryzek, Selen A. Ercan, Eda Keremoglu-Waibler, Simon Niemeyer and Kei Nishiyama

    Research Assistant: Juliana Rocha

    Funding: DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst German Academic Exchange Service


  • 2013-2014. Rikkyo University Special Fund for Research (200,000yen) Research Title: The Theoretical and Empirical Research on the Impact of Philosophy for Children in Deliberative Democratic Society.

Book Chapters

  • 2016. Who/What can judge between right and wrong? (and other 8 chapters). In Yohsuke Tsuchiya. (ed). Kokoro no Nazo Toki (Quest for the sense of wonder) (1-3). Tokyo: Seibido. [written in Japanese]


  • Forthcoming. "Deliberators, not future citizens: Children in Democracy". Journal of Public Deliberation.
  • 2015. "Philosophy Which Expands to Others: On Public and Private Aspect of 'Philosophizing'," The Annuals of Graduate School of Education at Rikkyo University 11: 41-59.
  • 2014. "Some Models of Deliberation in Deliberative System: Public Reason, Difference Communications, and Democratic Iterations," The Annuals of Graduate School of Education at Rikkyo University. Vol.10. pp.29-41.

  • 2013. What is the ‘Pushing for Depth’ in the Dialogue of ‘Philosophy for Children’? The Annuals of Graduate School of Education at Rikkyo University. Vol.9. pp.19-33.

Conference Paper

  • 2017. Enabling children's deliberation: The role of schools in deliberative systems. Deliberative Democracy Summer School. At University of Canberra (Australia). 15th-17th February.

  • 2016. 'Deliberators, not future citizens: Children in the deliberative system - the case of Japan". Universitat Stuttgart, Institute fur Sozialwissenschaftenm Frschungskolloquium. At Universitat Stuttgart (Germany). 23rd May.
  • 2016. "Rethinking schools as deliberative public spaces for children". Australian Political Science Association Annual Conference. At University of New South Wales (Australia). 27th September.
  • 2013. "What Kind of Education Does Deliberative Democracy Demand?: Deliberative System and Philosophy for Children". Academic Conference for Youth Researchers of the Study of Materialism. Rikkyo University. Tokyo. Japan. September 14th [written in Japanese].
  • 2015. "Is Philosophy for Children a Teaching Method?" Postmethod, Professional of Democracy, and Philosopher. The 17th International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children. University of British Columbia. Vancouver. Canada. June 26th.
  • 2015. "Children in Deliberative System," Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference. University of Canberra. Australia. September 28th 2015.


  • Peter Harteloh. (2013). Philosophical Walks. Annual Report of The Department of Education in Rikkyo University. (Translated by Nishiyama, Kei and Watanabe, Aya). Vol.57. pp107-14.

Book Review

  • 2012. Book Review on Sharon, Kaye. & Thomson, Paul. Philosophy for Teens: Questioning Life’s Big Ideas. Annual Report of the Department of Education in Rikkyo University. 56: 204 [written in Japanese]


  • 2012. "Doing Philosophy in The Library: Philo-Café at Iwaki-city" (Fukushima). St. Paul’s Librarian. Vol.27. pp.95-6.


  •  2016. Deliberative democracy as inclusion of politically vulnerable voices. Stella Vol.5. p.3.





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