Dr Sonya DuusResearch Fellow



Sonya completed her PhD at the Australian National University in December 2014.  Her PhD focussed on trying to understand current fossil fuel dilemmas from a broad and historical perspective. She became interested in coal issues after living and working in outback Queensland for several years where a number of massive coal mines are proposed as part of the 'opening up' of the Galilee Basin. Sonya has previously worked as a research assistant on a number of different projects related to social dimensions of environmental challenges.

  • Hendriks, C., Duus, S., and Ercan, S. (2016). ‘Performing politics on social media: The dramaturgy of an environmental controversy on Facebook’, Environmental Politics, 25(6): 1102-1125.

  • Duus, S. (2014). 'Unearthing the sun: making sense of the proposed coal developments in the Galilee Basin' (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.
  • Duus, S. (2013). ‘Coal Contestations: learning from a long, broad view’, in Rural Society, 22(2), pp. 96-110.
  • Duus, S. (2012). ‘Why the Galilee Basin is worth worrying about’, in The Conversation, 28.11.12
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