Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance Seminar

Deliberative Research Symposium

Fri 8 July 2016Convenors: Dr Selen Ercan and Dr Jensen SassVenue: The Dryzek Room, Building 22, University of Canberra

Call for Papers

Deliberative Research Symposium

Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance

Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis| University of Canberra

July 8th 2016 | 9am-5.30 pm | The Dryzek Room (22B13)

Convenors: Dr Jensen Sass & Dr Selen Ercan

This one-day research symposium will bring together scholars working in the field of deliberative democracy. It will draw participants together in a somewhat experimental format. Each participant will be asked to identify a pressing conceptual, normative, or methodological problem for the field of deliberative democracy. Participants will write a short summary of their problem to distribute prior to the symposium.


  1. Participants write a 2-5 page statement of their problem. The statement should set out the problem in generally accessible terms, explain why it must be resolved, and it will outline the major attempts to resolve it (i.e., by other scholars in the field).
  2. The statement will be shared with one other participant prior to the symposium—we term this person a “reader”. The reader will help refine the statement and draw the presenters’ attention to any literature they may have missed. Readers will be assigned to presenters by the organizing committee.
  3. The problem statement will be pre-distributed to participants in the symposium. Participants in the symposium will be given 10-15 minutes to present their problem, which will be discussed for 25-30 minutes.

Key dates:

15 May 2016                Confirm your participation (email: juliana.rocha | at | canberra.edu.au)

01 June 2016              Announcement of the problem presenters and readers

17 June 2016              Final day to share your paper with your ‘reader’

27 June 2016              Send your problem paper to Juliana to be circulated to all participants

Please make sure that you have addressed the comments and suggestions of  your reader as much as you can.

08 July 2016              One-day Research Symposium followed by drinks and dinner. 

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