Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance Seminar

New ways of negotiating climate change: lessons from Paris, priorities for reform

Thu 1 September 2016Speakers: Professor Antonio La Vina, Purdie Bowden, Professor Barbara Norman & Dr Luke Kemp Venue: The Dryzek Room, Building 22, University of Canberra

The Paris Agreement reached at the UN climate summit in 2015 has been heralded as a diplomatic coup, particularly following controversies over previous efforts to reach a global deal. The lead-up to the Agreement saw the rise of several innovative approaches to overcoming deadlock, including the use of indabas (adapted from a traditional South African form of deliberation), new coalitions that cut across traditional country groupings, and emerging forums for dialogue between governments and civil society on issues such as funding for developing countries and climate action in cities and subnational regions. But some longstanding issues remain unresolved, especially whether the regime’s cumbersome consensus-based process for reaching decisions should or can be overhauled.

This panel discussion features speakers with extensive experience in climate change negotiations. The panellists will take stock of what has been learnt from recent innovations and will explore how future reforms could help to improve the regime’s capacity for inclusive, high-quality deliberation.

The panel will comprise: Professor Antonio (Tony) La Viña (Ateneo de Manila University; former senior UN climate change negotiator for the Philippines); Purdie Bowden (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade); Professor Barbara Norman (University of Canberra); and Dr Luke Kemp (Australian National University).

Registration is essential as numbers are limited (please indicate if you will join for lunch and advise of any dietary requirements): to register, contact juliana.rocha | at | canberra.edu.au.

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