IGPA Research Seminar Series

PhD Milestone Seminars 2017

Wed 22 February 2017 to Fri 1 December 201710am - 12pm / Wednesday and Friday (Overflow) The Fishbowl, Building 24

The IGPA PhD Milestone Seminars are partly in the context of the Graduate Research Forum (GRF) and usually take place on the last Wednesday (and Friday) of each month, starting from 10am in the Fishbow, Building 24.  

All Milestone Seminars are chaired by the primary supervisor.

To book your next Milestone Seminar or for any further inquiries, please contact Iman El-Sakka.

                               Upcoming IGPA PhD Milestone Seminars 2017
Name       Seminar Details        Supervisory Panel    
Helen Sellers

Confirmation Seminar

“Neglected Horizons: Indian Rim Security Challenges and the Implications for Australia”

Wednesday 29 March 2017

10:00am, Building 24, Fishbowl

Dr Lain Dare (Chair)

Prof Mark Evans
Emerson Sanchez

Work-In-Progress Seminar

"Deliberating environmental knowledge in the politics of mining in the Philippines"

Wednesday 29 March 2017

11:00am, Building 24, Fishbowl

Prof John Dryzek (Chair)

Dr Nicole Curato
Rebecca Awdry

Confirmation Seminar

"Buying your way through university, an international problem? An investigation into the prevalence of contract cheating"

Wednesday 31 May 2017

11:00am, Building 24, Fishbowl

Dr Helen Marsden

Prof Mark Evans

Dr Phil Newton


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