About The Director

Mark Evans is the Director and Professor of Governance at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis.

He is an expert in the study and practice of governance and policy analysis. Before taking up this role he was Head of the Department of Politics at the University of York in the United Kingdom and Provost of Halifax College (1999-2009). Mark has a long track record of achievement in developing high quality, values-driven knowledge institutions built around outstanding research with policy impact, relevant professional development programs, and creative partnerships with governance actors with a common commitment to delivering policy and leadership which delivers genuine public value.

Mark has played an international role in supporting good administrative practices in public administration in developed and developing contexts. He has acted as a senior policy advisor, delivered training and managed evaluation projects in 26 countries including Australia, Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Libya, Sri Lanka, the UK, and Vietnam. Recent research projects in Australia include evaluations of Austrade's integrity systems (2011), the National Water Commission's role in Australian water governance (2011-12), DEEWR's 'Home to Work' employment program (2012), for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet ‘Women and Leadership in the Australian Public Service’ (2013), the ACT’s ‘Strengthening Services for Vulnerable Families’ program (2013), the adherence of the ACT Legislative Assembly to the Latimer Principles (2014), and, he is also working with several Australian councils on the co-design and implementation of better policy-making frameworks to guide sustainable development. Internationally, he has just completed a review of social participation in federal government for the Office of the Presidency funded by the European Union (2013) and an evaluation for the United Nations Development Program on ‘Opportunities and Challenges for the Reform of Public Administration Arising from the Arab Transitions’ (2014). He has also conducted several evaluations of international community-driven development programmes for the World Bank. Mark is currently working with the UK Cabinet Office on its’ innovative Open Policy-making programme, the Museum of Australian Democracy on the new ‘Power of 1 Voice Exhibition’, and, the Tackling Indigenous Smoking and Healthy Lifestyles Program for the Department of Health (with CeRAPH).

Mark is the author, co-author or editor of 24 books in his field and has been the editor of Policy Studies since 2005.  In addition, he has successfully supervised 18 PhD theses to a successful conclusion. He has been awarded honorary positions with the universities of Renmin in China, and York and Hull in the UK.

For more on Mark's experience see: http://www.governanceinstitute.edu.au/people/fellows/person-493/mark-evans