Research Student and Post Doctoral Supervision

There follows a list of students and post docs supervised to successful completion by Professor Mark Evans.

Year Name of Student Present Occupation
1999 (Part-time)

Richard Common

'New Public Management and Policy Transfer in South-East Asia'

Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester

Jonathan Davies

Urban Regimes in Comparative Perspective’

Professor, De Montfort University

Khariah Mohktar

‘The Privatisation of Malaysian Airlines: A Policy Transfer Perspective’

Senior Lecturer, Malaysia University

Stella Ladi (ESRC)

Globalisation, Europeanisation and Policy Transfer’

Lecturer, Sheffield University

Georgia Chondroleou

‘Media Policy Networks in Greece and Britain: A dialectical approach’

Senior Civil Servant, Finance Ministry, Greece/lecturer open University

Roger Pierce (ESRC)

'Social Exclusion in Rural England'

Lecturer, University of York

Toshi Yokumura

‘Policy Networks and Transport Policy in Japan’

Senior Civil Servant, Transport Ministry, Japan

Oscar Huerta Melchor

‘The OECD, Administrative Reform and Policy Transfer in Mexico’

Policy Advisor, OECD Paris

Ed Rooksby

The Alternative Economic Strategy’

Lecturer, University of Leeds

Fiona Aspinal

‘Local Participation and Health Service Reform in the UK: the Case of Patient-involvement Forums’

Research Fellow, Health Sciences, York

Sharleene Bibbings

‘Gender Mainstreaming in English Local Government’

Local Government Policy Advisor, York City Council

Toby James (ESRC)

‘Electoral administration as statecraft: a comparative approach’

Lecturer, University of Swansea

Hongxia Chai

‘Hollowing-out as Statecraft: the Case of Administrative Reform in China’

Senior Lecturer, China National School of Administration

Selina Peters

‘Training and Development’: the Case of the African Development Bank

Policy Advisor, African Development Bank

Isares Suvanthakul

Policy Networks in Thailand’

University Lecturer

Taweesak Kritjaroen

Urban Regimes in Thailand’

University Lecturer

Mark has successfully supervised three fully funded UK ESRC postdoctoral fellows: Tim Jacoby (2001; now University of Manchester); Georgia Chondroleou (2003; now University of Athens); and, David Erdos (2007; now University of Oxford). In addition, in 2008 he supervised two China Academy postdoctoral fellows – Li Qiangbin (Nanjing University) and Li Quan (Renmin University).