Dr Craig ApplegateAcademic Fellow and Assistant Professor


Address: Building 11 Level A Room 51 Phone: +61 (0) 2 6201 2724


National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM)


Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

International Trade; International Macroeconomics; Productivity; Carbon policy


Craig is a fellow and assistant professor in economics at U.C. He has a Ph.D. from ANU in "The external costs of Australia’s foreign debts – measurement and analysis".

Craig is the HDR course convenor for the faculty of BGL. Please note that while this includes responsibility for Masters by research and Professional doctorates in IGPA code areas, this does not include Ph.D.s in these fields. 


Selected Publications:

  • Applegate, C. and Sadleir, C. (2013), "Do preferential trade agreements provide reasonable insurance?", International Journal of Public Policy, 9, 4-5-6, pp.389–399.
  • Nair, T., Sathye, M., Perumal, M., Applegate, C. and Sathye, S. (2014), “Indian Microfinance and codes of conduct regulation: A critical examination”. In Das, K., ed., “Globalisation and Standards: Issues and challenges in Indian business”, New Delhi, Springer, pp. 103-120

Research Projects & Grants
PhD Supervision

Areas of Supervision

  • International Trade
  • International Macroeconomics
  • Productivity
  • Carbon policy    

Involvement in PhD Supervisory Panels

  • Emdad Haque, "Microfinance and Economic Growth. An Analysis of Cross-country Microfinance in a Macroeconomic Context" (Primary Supervisor)
  • Tianwei Luo, "The Impacts of International Trade Policies and Technological Changes on Wage Inequality in China's Labour Market" (Primary Supervisor)
  • Murman Budijanto, "Institutions in two Facets of Structural Change: the Knowledge Economy and the Regulation of Inward Foreign Direct Investment" (Secondary Supervisor)


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