2017 Publications

Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance

Journal Article

  • Dryzek, J.S. and Pickering, J. (2017), “Deliberation as a catalyst for reflexive environmental governance”, Ecological Economics, 131, pp. 353-360


Centre for the Study of Critical Governance Studies

Journal Articles

  • Clarke, N., Jennings, W. Moss, J. and Stoker, G. (2017), "Changing spaces of political encounter and the rise of anti-politics: Evidence from Mass Observation’s General Election diaries", Political Geography, 56, pp. 13-23
  • Craft, J. and Halligan, J. (2017), ‘Assessing 30 years of Westminster Policy Advisory System Experience’, Policy Sciences, 50, 1, pp.47-62

  • Stoker, G. and Hay, C. (2017), ‘Understanding and Challenging Populist Negativity towards Politics: The Perspectives of British Citizens’, Political Studies, 65, 1, pp. 4-23

  • Stoker, G., Li, J., Halupka, M. and Evans, M. (2017), “Complacent Young Citizens or Cross Generational Solidarity? An Analysis of Australian Attitudes to Democratic Politics”, Australian Journal of Political Science, 52, 2, pp. 218-235


National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM)

Journal Articles

  • Freyens, B. and Gong, X. (2017), “Judicial Decision-Making under Changing Legal Standards”, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation, 133, 1, pp. 108-126
  • Spielman, S., Ningchuan, X., Cockings, S. and Tanton, R. (2017), “Statistical Systems and Census Data in the Spatial Sciences”, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 65, pp. 1–2

  • Tomyn, A, Mellor, D, Fuller?Tyszkiewicz, M., Cummins, R.A., Tanton, R (2017), "Geographic differences in subjective wellbeing among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian adolescents and Adults", Journal of Community Psychology, 45, 1, pp.81–99

  • Zhai, T., Goss, J. & Li, J. (2017), “Main drivers of health expenditure growth in China: a decomposition analysis”, BMC Health Services Research, 17, 185, pp.1-9