2017 Publications

Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance

Journal Article

  • Crosbie, T. and Sass, J. (2017), “Governance by scandal? Eradicating sexual assault in the US military”, Politics, 37, 2, pp. 117-133
  • Curato, N. (2017), “Flirting with Authoritarian Fantasies? Rodrigo Duterte and the New Terms of Philippine Populism”, Journal of Contemporary Asia, 47, 1, pp. 142-153
  • Curato, N. (2017), “We haven’t even buried the dead yet: The ethics of discursive contestation in a crisis situation”, Current Sociology, 65, 7, pp. 1010-1030

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  • Dryzek, J. (2017), "The meanings of life for non-state actors in climate politics", Environmental Politics, 26, 4, pp. 789-799

  • Dryzek, J. (2017), “The Forum, the System and the Polity: Three Varieties of Democratic Theory”, Political Theory, 45, 5, pp. 610-636

  • Dryzek, J.S. and Pickering, J. (2017), “Deliberation as a catalyst for reflexive environmental governance”, Ecological Economics, 131, pp. 353-360
  • Ercan, S.A. (2017), Review of ‘Solidarity across divides: Promoting the moral point of view’, by Vasilev, G., Edinburgh University Press, 2015, Political Studies Review, 15(2): 271-2.  
  • Ercan, S.A. (2017) “From polarisation to pluralisation. A deliberative democratic approach to ‘illiberal’ cultures”, International Political Science Review, 38, 1, pp. 114-127
  • Ercan, S.A. (2017), “Engaging with extremism in a multicultural society: A deliberative democratic approach”, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, 12, 2, pp. 9-21
  • Ercan, S., Hendrick, C. and Boswell, J. (2017), “Studying public deliberation after the systemic turn: The crucial role for interpretive research”, Policy and Politics,  45, 2, pp. 195-212
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  • Nishiyama, K. (2017a), “Deliberators, not future citizens: Children in democracy”. Journal of Public deliberation. 13(1): Article 1.
  • Nishiyama, K. (2017b), “Child-activism and deliberative systems: Toward a new understanding of children’s ‘participation.’ ” Annals of Study for Materialism in Japan. 22: 200-220. [in Japanese].
  • Nishiyama, K. (2017), “Enabling children’s deliberation: Schools as a mediating space in deliberative systems”. Centre for Deliberative Democracy Working Paper Series 1/2017.
  • Parry, L.J. (2017), “Don’t put all your speech-acts in one basket: situating animal activism in the deliberative system”, Environmental Values, 26, 4, pp. 437-455

  • Pickering, J., Davies, R., & Prizzon, A. (2017), “How Should Development Co-operation Evolve? Views from Developing Countries", Development Policy Review, 35, pp. O10-O28
  • Pickering, J., Betzold, C., & Skovgaard, J. (2017), “Special issue: managing fragmentation and complexity in the emerging system of international climate finance”, International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics, 17, 1, pp. 1-16
  • Pickering, J. and Mitchell, P. (2017), “What drives national support for multilateral climate finance? International and domestic influences on Australia’s shifting stance”, International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics, 17, 1, pp. 107-125
  • Sanchez, E. M. (2017), “Who Will Burn Duterte's Effigy?" In Nicole Curato (Ed.), The Duterte Reader: Critical Essays on Rodrigo Duterte's Early Presidency Quezon City and Ithaca, NY: Ateneo De Manila University Press and Cornell University Press, pp. 283-300
  • Schlosberg, D., Collins, L. B., & Niemeyer, S. (2017), “Adaptation policy and community discourse: risk, vulnerability, and just transformation”, Environmental Politics, 26, 3, pp. 413-437

Centre for the Study of Critical Governance Studies

Journal Articles

  • Bridges, S. (2017), “Al Jazeera in Australia”, Communications, Research and Practice, 3, 2, pp. 120-136
  • Clarke, N., Jennings, W. Moss, J. and Stoker, G. (2017), "Changing spaces of political encounter and the rise of anti-politics: Evidence from Mass Observation’s General Election diaries", Political Geography, 56, pp. 13-23
  • Craft, J. and Halligan, J. (2017), ‘Assessing 30 years of Westminster Policy Advisory System Experience’, Policy Sciences, 50, 1, pp.47-62
  • Dare, L., & Evans, M. (2017), “Understanding water governance: the case of Australia’s Murray-darling basin”, Policy Studies, 38, 5, pp. 411-417

  • Gagnon, J. P. (2017), "Grandiose citizenship and the dialectic of the citizen and the self", Canadian Journal of Political Science, 50, 2, pp. 625-629

  • Halupka, M. (2017), "What Anonymous can tell us about the relationship between virtual community structure and participatory form", Policy Studies, 38, 2, pp. 168-184

  • Jennings, W., & Stoker, G. (2017), "Tilting Towards the Cosmopolitan Axis? Political Change in England and the 2017 General Election", Political Quarterly, 88, 3, pp. 359-369.

  • Leruth, B. and Startin, N. (2017) ‘Between Euro-Federalism, Euro-Pragmatism and Euro-Populism: the Gaullist movement divided over Europe’, Modern and Contemporary France, 25, 2, pp. 153-169
  • McCaffrie, B. (2017), "Australian Capital Territory July to December 2016. Australian Journal of Politics and History", 63, 2, pp. 333-337

  • Schofield D, Callander E, Kelly S, Shrestha R. (2017), ‘Working beyond the traditional retirement age – The Influence of Health on Australia’s Older Workers’, Journal of Ageing and Social Policy, 29, 3, pp. 235-244

  • Stoker, G. and Hay, C. (2017), ‘Understanding and Challenging Populist Negativity towards Politics: The Perspectives of British Citizens’, Political Studies, 65, 1, pp. 4-23
  • Stoker, G., Li, J., Halupka, M. and Evans, M. (2017), “Complacent Young Citizens or Cross Generational Solidarity? An Analysis of Australian Attitudes to Democratic Politics”, Australian Journal of Political Science, 52, 2, pp. 218-235
  • Stone, D. (2017), "Understanding the transfer of policy failure: Bricolage, experimentalism and translation", Policy and Politics, 45, 1, pp. 55-70

  • Walsh, M. (2017), "First above equals? Assessments of the Abbott Prime Ministership 2013–2015", Australian Journal of Political Science, 52, 3, pp. 465

Book Chapters

  • FitzGibbon, J., Leruth, B., & Startin, N. (2017), Introduction: Transnational and Pan-European Euroscepticism. In FitzGibbon, J., Leruth, B. & Startin, N. (Eds.), Euroscepticism as a Transnational and Pan-European Phenomenon, London: Routledge, pp. 1-13

  • FitzGibbon, J., & Leruth, B. (2017), Conclusion and Epilogue: Transnational and pan-European Euroscepticism after Brexit. In FitzGibbon, J., Leruth, B. & Startin, N. (Eds.), Euroscepticism as a Transnational and Pan-European Phenomenon, London: Routledge, pp. 162-176

  • Leruth, B., Kutiyski, Y., Krouwel, A. and Startin, N. (2017), ‘Does the Information Source Matter? Newspaper Readership, Political Preferences and Euroscepticism in the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands’. In Caiani, M. and Guerra, S. (eds.) Euroscepticism, Democracy and the Media: Communicating Europe, Contesting Europe, Basingstoke: Palgrave, pp. 95-120.
  • Leruth, B. (2017), ‘Is ‘Eurorealism’ the new ‘Euroscepticism’? Modern conservatism, the European Conservatives and Reformists and European integration’. In FitzGibbon, J., Leruth, B. and Startin, N. (eds), Euroscepticism as a Transnational and Pan-European Phenomenon, London: Routledge, pp. 46-62.
  • Leruth, B. (2017), 'France at a Crossroads: Societal Challenges to the Welfare State during Nicolas Sarkozy's and Francois Hollande's Presidential Terms'. In Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B & Chung, H. (eds.), After Austerity: Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession, pp. 67-88
  • Leruth, B. (2017). The Europeanization of the Welfare State: The Case for a 'Differentiated European Social Model'.  In Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B & Chung, H. (eds.), After Austerity: Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession, Oxford Univeristy Press, pp. 180-200
  • Stone, D., & Ladi, S. (2017), Policy Analysis and Think Tanks in Comparative Perspective. In Crans, M., Geve-May, I. & Howlett, M. (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Comparative Policy Analysis, Routledge, pp. 324-340.

  • Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B., & Chung, H. (2017), The Context: How European Welfare States Have Responded to Post-Industrialism, Ageing Populations, and Populist Nationalism. In After Austerity: Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession,  pp. 1-27

  • Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B., & Chung, H. (2017), Where Next for the UK Welfare State?. In Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B & Chung, H. (eds.), After Austerity: Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession, Oxford Univeristy Press, pp. 48-67

  • Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B., & Chung, H. (2017), Liberalism, Social Investment, Protectionism, and Chauvinism: New Directions for the European Welfare State. In Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B & Chung, H. (eds.), After Austerity: Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession, Oxford Univeristy Press, pp. 201-220


  • Chou, M., Gagnon, J-P., Hartung, C. and Pruitt, L. (2017), Young People, Citizenship and Political Participation: Combating Civic Deficit?, London: Rowman & Littlefield International
  • FitzGibbon, J., Leruth, B. and Startin, N. (eds. 2017) Euroscepticism as a Transnational and Pan-European Phenomenon, New York, NY: Routledge
  • Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B., & Chung, H. (Eds.) (2017). After Austerity: Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession. Oxford Univeristy Press

National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM)

Journal Articles

  • Dinh, H., Freyens, B., Daly, A. and Vidyattama, Y. (2017), "Measuring Community Economic Resilience in Australia: Estimates of Recent Levels and Trends", Social Indicators Research, 132, 3, pp. 1217-1236
  • Freyens, B. and Gong, X. (2017), “Judicial Decision-Making under Changing Legal Standards”, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation, 133, 1, pp. 108-126
  • Goldfeld, S., Villanueva, K., Tanton, R., Katz, I., Brinkman, S., Woolcock, G., & Giles-Corti, B. (2017), “Kids in Communities Study (KiCS) study protocol: A cross-sectional mixed-methods approach to measuring community-level factors influencing early child development in Australia”, BMJ Open, 7, 3, pp. e014047
  • Gong, X., & Breunig, R. (2017), "Childcare Assistance: Are Subsidies or Tax Credits Better?", Fiscal Studies, 38, 1, pp. 7-48
  • Gong, X. (2017), "The dynamics of study-work choice and its effect on intended and actual university attainment", Education Economics, 25, 6, pp. 619-639
  • La, H. A., & Xu, Y. (2017), "Remittances, social security, and the crowding-out effect: Evidence from Vietnam", Journal of Asian Economics, 49, pp. 42-59
  • Lay-Yee, R., Pearson, J., Davis, P., von Randow, M., Kerse, N., Brown, L. (2017), “Changing the balance of social care for older people: simulating scenarios under demographic ageing in New Zealand”, Health and Social Care in the Community, 25, 3, pp. 962-974
  • LI, J. (2017), "Rate decomposition for aggregate data using Das Gupta's method", Stata Journal, 17, 2, pp. 490-502
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  • Miranti, R. (2017), “Understanding the relationships between development factors and the regional poverty: What have we learned from Indonesia?”, Journal of Poverty, 21, 6, pp. 483-507
  • Namazi-Rad, M.R., Tanton, R. Steel, D., Mokhtarian, P. and Das, S. (2017), “An unconstrained statistical matching algorithm for combining individual and household level geo-specific census and survey data”, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 63, pp. 3-14
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  • Schofield, D., Shrestha, R., Cunich, M., Passey, M., Veerman, L., Tanton, R. and Kelly, S. (2017), “The costs of diabetes among Australians aged 45 – 64 years from 2015 to 2030: projections of productive life years (PLYs), lost personal income, lost taxation revenue, extra welfare payments and lost gross domestic product from Health&WealthMOD2030”, BMJ Open, 7, 1, pp. 1-11
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  • Tanton, R., Dare, M., Brinkman, S., Corti, B.-G., Katz, I., Woolcock, G. and Goldfeld, S. (2017), “Identifying Off-Diagonal Communities Using the Australian Early Development Census Results”, Social Indicators Research, 132, 3, pp.977-992

Book Chapter

  • La, H. A. (2017). Innovation in the Household Business and Informal Sectors. In L. Pasquier-Doumer, X. Oudin, & T. Nguyen (Eds.), The Importance of Household Businesses and the Informal Sector for Inclusive Growth in Vietnam, Ha Noi: The Gioi Edition, pp. 213-228