Forthcoming Publications

Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance

Journal Articles

  • Boswell, J., Ercan, S.A. and C.M. Hendriks. (Forthcoming), “Message received? Examining transmission in deliberative systems”, Critical Policy Studies
  • Crosbie, T. and Sass, J. (Forthcoming), “Scandal as Governance? Eradicating Sexual Abuse in the U.S. Military”, Politics
  •  Curato, N. (Forthcoming), “We haven’t even buried the dead yet: The ethics of discursive contestation in a crisis situation”, Current Sociology
  • Curato, N. (Forthcoming), “Flirting with Authoritarian Fantasies? Rodrigo Duterte and the New Terms of Philippine Populism”, Journal of Contemporary Asia
  • Dryzek, J. (Forthcoming), “The Forum, the System and the Polity: Three Varieties of Democratic Theory”, Political Theory
  • Curato, N., Dryzek, J., Ercan, S.A., Hendriks, C.M. and Niemeyer, S. (Forthcoming), “Twelve key findings in deliberative democracy research, Daedalus
  • Curato, N. (Forthcoming), “We haven’t even buried the dead yet. Ethics of Discursive Contestation in a Crisis Situation”, Current Sociology 
  • Dryzek, J.S. (Forthcoming), “The Forum, the System, and the Polity: Three Varieties of Democratic Theory”, Political Theory
  • Elstub, S., Ercan, S. A., and Mendonca, R. (Forthcoming), “Special Symposium Issue: Deliberative Systems: Prospects and Problems”, Critical Policy Studies. 
  • Ercan, S.A. (Forthcoming), “From polarisation to pluralisation. A deliberative democratic approach to ‘illiberal’ cultures”, International Political Science Review

  • Ercan, S., Hendrick, C. and Boswell, J. (Forthcoming), “Studying public deliberation after the systemic turn: The crucial role for interpretive research”, Policy and Politics.
  • Ercan, S.A, and Dzur, A.W. (Forthcoming), “Interview: Participatory democracy in unlikely places: What democratic theorists can learn from democratic professionals”, Democratic Theory.
  • Kuyper, J., & Dryzek, J.S. (Forthcoming), “Real not Nominal Global Democracy: A Response to Keohane”, International Journal of Constitutional Law.
  • Sass, J. and Crosbie, T. (Forthcoming), “Scandal as Governance? Eradicating Sexual Assult in the US Military, Politics. 
  • Parry, L.J. (Forthcoming), “Don’t put all your speech-acts in one basket: situating animal activism in the deliberative system”, Environmental Values
  • Pickering, J. and Mitchell, P. (Forthcoming), “What drives national support for multilateral climate finance? International and domestic influences on Australia’s shifting stance”, International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics.
  • Pickering, J., Jotzo, F. and Wood, P.J.  (Forthcoming), “Splitting the difference: Can the global climate financing effort be shared fairly if international coordination remains limited?”, Global Environmental Politics.
  • Tanasoca, A. (Forthcoming), “Investor citizenship: neomedieval not just neoliberal?”, European Journal of Sociology. Archives Européennes de Sociologie.

Book Chapters

  • Ercan, S. A. and Marsh, D. (Forthcoming), ‘Qualitative methods in Political Science’. In Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Political Science, Edgar Elgar Publishing. 
  • Sass, J. (Forthcoming), ‘Deliberative Ideals in Diverse Cultures’. In Mark Warren, André Bächtiger, John Dryzek, Jane Mansbridge (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 


Centre for the Study of Critical Governance Studies

Journal Articles

  • Botterill, L.C. and Cockfield, G. (Forthcoming), "The relative importance of landscape amenity and health impacts in the wind farm debate in Australia", Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.
  • Cockfield, G. (Forthcoming), “Agricultural Policy in Australia: Deregulation, bipartisanship and agrarian sentiment”, Australian Journal of Political Science
  • Bridges, S. (Forthcoming), “Al Jazeera in Australia”, Communications, Research and Practice.
  • Craft, J. and Halligan, J. (Forthcoming), “Assessing 30 years of Westminster policy advisory system experience”, Policy Sciences
  • Dinh, H., Freyens, B., Daly, A. and Vidyattama, Y. (Forthcoming), "Measuring Community Economic Resilience in Australia: Estimates of Recent Levels and Trends", Social Indicators Research
  • Evans, M., and Stoker, G. (Forthcoming), “How do citizens calibrate their relationship with their polity? The contingent nature of political engagement in Australia” ,  Australian Journal of Political Science
  • Jennings, W., Stoker, G. and Twyman, G. (Forthcoming), "The Dimensions and Impact of Political Discontent in Britain”, Parliamentary Affairs
  • Moss, J., Clarke, N., Jennings, W. and Stoker, G. (Forthcoming), “Golden age, apathy or stealth? Democratic engagement in Britain 1945–1950”, Contemporary British History
  • Pearson, L.J., Norman, B., O'Brien, P. and Tanton, R. (Forthcoming), “An institutional perspective on programme integration”, Policy Studies
  • Stoker, G. and Hay, C. (Forthcoming), ‘Understanding and Challenging Populist Negativity towards Politics: The Perspectives of British Citizens’ Political Studies
  • Stone, D. (Forthcoming), “Translating the Lessons of Policy Failure”, Politics and Policy 
  • Tanton, R., Dare, M., Brinkman, S., Corti, B.-G., Katz, I., Woolcock, G. and Goldfeld, S. (Forthcoming), “Identifying Off-Diagonal Communities Using the Australian Early Development Census Results”, Social Indicators Research
  • Walsh, M. & Baker, S. (Forthcoming), “The selfie and the transformation of the public-private distinction”, Information, Communication and Society (early access online)

Book Chapters

  • Cockfield, G. and Botterill, L.C. (Forthcoming), ‘Agricultural and Rural Policy in Australia’. In Meyers, William H and Thomas H Johnson, Handbook on International Food and Agricultural Policy, Volume I: Policies for Agricultural Markets and Rural Economic Activity World Scientific
  • Stone, D. (Forthcoming), ‘Editors Introduction’. In Batory, Agnes., Cartwright, Andrew. and Stone, Diane. Eds (2017). Policy Experiments, Failures and Innovations: After Accession in Central and Eastern Europe, Edward Elgar
  • Stone, D. (Forthcoming), ‘Global Governance De-Politicised: Knowledge Networks, Scientisation and Anti-Policy’. In Hay, C., Flinders, M., Wood, M. and Fawcett, P. (eds) Anti-politics, De-politicisation and Governance, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2017
  • Stone, D. and Ladi, S. (Forthcoming), ‘Think Tanks and Policy Analysis in Comparative Perspective’. In Marleen Brans, Iris Geva-May and Michael Howlett (eds.) Handbook on Comparative Policy Analysis, Routledge
  • Stone, D. and Moran, M. (Forthcoming), ‘Emerging Powers in International Development: The New Philanthropy’. In Jean Grugel and Dan Hammett (Eds.) The Handbook of International Development, Palgrave MacMillan
  • Stone, D. (Forthcoming), ‘Partners in Diplomacy: Transnational Expert Communities and Global Policy Programmes’. In Annabelle Littoz-Monet (ed.) The Politics of Expertise in International Organizations, Routledge, 2017


  • Chou, M., Gagnon, J-P., Hartung, C. and Pruitt, L. (Forthcoming), Young People, Citizenship and Political Participation: Combating Civic Deficit?, London: Rowman & Littlefield International
  • Dunleavy, P. and Tinkler, J. (Forthcoming), Improving the Impacts of University Research, Basingstoke: Palgrave-Macmillan  (Not entered)
  • Stoker, G. (Forthcoming), Why Politics Matters (Second Edition) London: Palgrave Macmillan


National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM)

Journal Articles

  • Mann, Stefan, Freyens, Benoit P., and Huong Dinh (forthcoming), “Crises and structural change in Australian agriculture” Review of Social Economy
  • Dinh, H., Freyens, B., Daly, A., & Vidyattama, Y. (Forthcoming), “Measuring Community Economic Resilience in Australia: Estimates of Recent Levels and Trends”, Social Indicators Research
  • Hill, H., & Vidyattama, Y. (Forthcoming), “Regional Development Dynamics in Indonesia before and after the ‘Big Bang’ Decentralization”, The Singapore Economic Review.
  • Lay-Yee, R., Pearson, J., Davis, P., von Randow, M., Kerse, N., Brown, L. (forthcoming), “Changing the balance of social care for older people: simulating scenarios under demographic ageing in New Zealand”, Health and Social Care in the Community

  • Miranti, R. (Forthcoming), “Understanding the relationships between development factors and the regional poverty: What have we learned from Indonesia?”, Journal of Poverty
  • Namazi-Rad, Tanton, Steel, Mokhtarian, Das (Forthcoming), “An unconstrained statistical matching algorithm for combining individual and household level geo-specific census and survey data”, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems.
  • Pearson, L. J., Norman, B., O’Brien, P., & Tanton, R. (Forthcoming), “An institutional perspective on programme integration”, Policy Studies 
  • Pettit, C. J., Tanton, R., & Hunter, J. (Forthcoming), “An online platform for conducting spatial statistical analyses of national census data across Australia”, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems.
  • Tanton, R., Dare, M., Brinkman, S., Corti, B.-G., Katz, I., Woolcock, G., & Goldfeld, S. (Forthcoming), “Identifying Off-Diagonal Communities Using the Australian Early Development Census Results”, Social Indicators Research.