Forthcoming Publications

Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance

Journal Articles

  • Elstub, S., Ercan, S. A., and Mendonca, R. (Forthcoming), “Special Symposium Issue: Deliberative Systems: Prospects and Problems”, Critical Policy Studies. 
  • Nishiyama, K. (Forthcoming), “Using the community of inquiry for interviewing children: Theory and practice”. International Journal of Social Research Methodology

Book Chapters

  • Sass, J. (Forthcoming), ‘Deliberative Ideals in Diverse Cultures’. In Mark Warren, André Bächtiger, John Dryzek, Jane Mansbridge (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 


Centre for the Study of Critical Governance Studies

Journal Articles

  • Bang, H., Halupka, M. (Forthcoming), “Contentious connective action: A new kind of life-political association for problematizing how expert systems operate”. Information, Communication, & Society, pp. 1-16.
  • Evans, M., and Stoker, G. (Forthcoming), “How do citizens calibrate their relationship with their polity? The contingent nature of political engagement in Australia” ,  Australian Journal of Political Science
  • Stone, D. (Forthcoming), “Translating the Lessons of Policy Failure”, Politics and Policy 
  • Stone, D., Pautz, H. and Hernando, M.G. (Forthcoming), "Think Tanks in an Era of Austerity", thematic edition, Policy and Society

  • Stone, D., Pautz, H. and Hernando, M.G. (Forthcoming), "Think Tanks in ‘Hard Times’: An Introduction", Policy and Society

  • Stone, D. and Zimmerman, E. (Forthcoming), "ASEAN Think Tanks and Economic Cooperation: From the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis to the 2009 Global Financial Crisis", Policy and Society

  • Leruth, B., & Taylor-Gooby, P. (Forthcoming). "Does political discourse matter? Comparing party positions and public attitudeson immigration in England". Politics.

    Taylor-Gooby, P., Leruth, B., & Chung, H. (Forthcoming). "Identifying attitudes to welfare through deliberative forums: the emergence of reluctant individualism". Policy & Politics.

Book Chapters

  • Cockfield, G. and Botterill, L.C. (Forthcoming), ‘Agricultural and Rural Policy in Australia’. In Meyers, William H and Thomas H Johnson, Handbook on International Food and Agricultural Policy, Volume I: Policies for Agricultural Markets and Rural Economic Activity World Scientific
  • Stone, D. (Forthcoming), ‘Editors Introduction’. In Batory, Agnes., Cartwright, Andrew. and Stone, Diane. Eds (2017). Policy Experiments, Failures and Innovations: After Accession in Central and Eastern Europe, Edward Elgar
  • Stone, D. (Forthcoming), ‘Global Governance De-Politicised: Knowledge Networks, Scientisation and Anti-Policy’. In Hay, C., Flinders, M., Wood, M. and Fawcett, P. (eds) Anti-politics, De-politicisation and Governance, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2017
  • Stone, D. (Forthcoming), ‘Partners in Diplomacy: Transnational Expert Communities and Global Policy Programmes’. In Annabelle Littoz-Monet (ed.) The Politics of Expertise in International Organizations, Routledge, 2017


  • Dunleavy, P. and Tinkler, J. (Forthcoming), Improving the Impacts of University Research, Basingstoke: Palgrave-Macmillan 
  • Stone, D. and Moloney, K. (Forthcoming), Oxford Handbook on Global Policy and Transnational Administration, Oxford University Press