Comparative strengths

Did you know that the Institute for Governance…

…possesses the largest critical mass of internationally ranked governance and public policy scholars in Australia and an eminent adjunct faculty which includes 14 award winning members of the Commonwealth Senior Executive Service and the world of political communication. One of the Institute’s professors John Dryzek was awarded an Australian Laureate in September 2014.

presently receives funding for ten Australian Research Council (ARC) research projects on critical governance problems in Australia.

…in 2014 was awarded more ARC research projects than any other social science research Institute in Australia.

…conducts authoritative applied research on different aspects of social inclusion with a particular emphasis on modelling wellbeing and innovation in policy intervention.

…through NATSEM provides authoritative commentary on the Australian budget and via STIMOD is one of the leading policy modelling organisations in Australia.

…conducts high profile policy and organisational evaluations for domestic and international organisations (for example, Austrade, National Water Commission, United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank).

…publishes the AMP “Cost of Living” report series.

…delivers the “Open Policy-making” program for the UK Cabinet Office and the “Leading and Managing Change” program for the Commonwealth Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

…manages graduate programs in public administration and public policy for the Commonwealth Departments of Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructure and Regional Development and the ACT government.

…is currently working in partnership with various overseas governments and international organisations on change governance problems in Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, the UK, Vietnam, and Yemen).

…runs a quarterly Parliamentary Triangle Seminar Series which is televised on the ABC’s Big Ideas program.

…and has 69 PhD students pursuing research on governance and public policy themes.