Australian Universities are constantly being criticized for failing to make their research relevant to practice and not contributing effectively to public policy debate. IGPA’s social purpose – to generate high-quality evidence-based research that improves the everyday lives of Australians – drives our approach to this issue. We make our research matter in at least four ways:

(1) ensuring that we present and translate our research findings in a meaningful way for practitioners;

(2) disseminating our findings through a variety of channels of communication (Twitter, the Policy_Space) and hosting high-quality thought leadership events to provide a neutral venue for debating policy futures;

(3) through the recruitment of senior practitioners at the Institute who play a fundamental role in our research and education activities; and

(4) through the creation of advocacy reference groups in areas of key policy concern consisting of thought leaders drawn from academia and the three sectors (government, private, community) to ensure that our research findings are relevant to changes in the field of action.