Centre for Change Governance


The Centre for Change Governance (CCG) is a vibrant research centre located within the Faculty of Business, Government and Law (BGL). 

The term ‘change governance’ is a shorthand for changes in the relationship between governance (how we are governed) and democracy (what it means to participate in the process through which we are governed). This is apposite given that conventional notions of governance are being challenged in the most substantive fashion since the end of World War II. 

CCG has a critical mass of world class scholars, adjuncts and PhD students. We are a diverse group, spanning political science, public policy, public administration, environmental regulation and governance, natural resource management, democratic participation, political communication, online engagement and political participation, and big data analysis. This diversity is a strength as it reflects the multiplicity of challenges confronting contemporary governance, and enhances our ability to bridge theory and practice to deliver research outcomes with impact.

CCG engages in a variety of collaborative research projects including Democracy 2025 and the ‘Mercury Australia’ network of research scientists. 

Drawing on our research expertise, CCG provides high quality and innovative public policy and public administration education and training programs for government officials and graduate recruits under our MPA, PhD and Graduate Certificate teaching programs.

If you would like further information about CCG then please direct your enquiries to: ccg | at | canberra.edu.au

Centre for Change Governance
Faculty of Business, Government and Law
University of Canberra
Building 24
Canberra ACT 2601


CCG is a diverse community of scholars encompassing academics, adjuncts and PhD students from Canberra and across the globe. We have five academics in the top 100 in the world for public administration research, including three in the top 50 (Google Scholar). The University of Canberra is ranked number one in Australia and number 22 in the world for research that focuses on the implementation of government policy and how civil servants are prepared for working in the public service (League of Scholars). UC is a national leader in public administration research.

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Key research priorities include:

1. Equity, diversity and inclusion. 

2. Crisis in democracy and change governance.

3. Ecological/environmental crises – environmental politics and governance. 

4. Political communication. 

5. Bridging the trust divide between citizens and government.

6. Leadership in public administration and governance.

The Centre conducts a range of specific research projects across several broad, flexible and often inter-related strands.

Our common focus across all of these research strands is on the changing relationship between governance and democracy and its implications for how communities and governments can better equip themselves to deal with complex public policy challenges.

Our specific research projects are also underpinned by a commitment to produce rigorous, theoretically informed, policy relevant and publically salient research. In all cases, we are keen to provide opportunities for our external partners in the academic, policy and wider public spheres to visit the Centre and work with us.

Our research emphasises the theory, practice and empirical study of the relationship between governance and participation; and how processes and trends such as digitalisation, democratic participation, scientific and technological innovation, cultural instability, securitisation, anti-politics, urbanisation and cross-jurisdictional policy problems challenge the way in which governance and democracy has been conventionally practiced and understood. Many of these changes are generating unpredictable and uncertain dynamics that make us rethink old questions such as who governs, how political authority is exercised, what we can do to recouple those who exercise political authority with those who are governed by it, and how governance in translated into more effective policies and regulations on the ground.


Members in the Centre for Change Governance publish traditional academic research outputs (eg books, journal articles and book chapters), commissioned and non-commissioned reports, submissions, research notes or papers aimed mainly at a policymaking audience (eg the IGPA Insights Series) as well as other pieces that are primarily aimed at influencing public debate (eg in The Policy Space or The Conversation). Here, we list our traditional academic research outputs. Click on a tab below to find out more.

Over the last five years, staff in the CCG have produced 65 journal articles, 17 books and book chapters, as well as many other non-peer reviewed publications. Collective citations are well above 60,000 and many of our members are ranked in the top 100 (and sometimes much higher) of their fields internationally.


We work with organisations in the public, private and non-governmental sectors all over the world to develop practice-focused research, deliver courses and enhance our impact.

Our work with partners takes a wide range of forms. More information can be found by clicking on the tabs below, which divides our work in this area between our partners in industry and our partners in the higher education sector.

Please also feel free to contact us to find out how you could partner with us.

Policy Impact

Fellows in the Centre for Change Governance are committed to ensuring our research addresses real-world challenges and that our engagement activities provide pathways to smart policy solutions for governments and decision makers in business and civil society.

We achieve these outcomes through policy advice, knowledge sharing activities and providing a neutral and safe meeting point for academics, experts and policymakers.

Our Practitioner Fellows and Advisory Board of senior leaders from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors also helps to ensure that our activities remain connected with the ‘world of practice’.

We provide further detail about our activities in this area below. If they interest you then please feel free to contact us to explore how we could work with you on these and related areas.

Advising policymakers

Fellows from the Centre for Change Governance regularly get invited to advise governments and agencies on how to address critical governance challenges. This has involved Fellows working in partnership with various overseas governments and international organisations in countries such as Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, the UK, Vietnam, and Yemen.

The United Nations Development Programme also recently commissioned Professor Mark Evans (with Professor Sultan Barakat) to undertake a study of public administration reform in Arab transition countries. The report, Defining the Challenge, Making the Change, was published in June 2015.

Sharing knowledge

Long-term, sustainable partnerships also offer an opportunity for Fellows from the Centre to share their knowledge and develop policy impact.

Many Fellows in the Centre of Change Governance also teach into the ’s Graduate Certificate and MPA programs. Our students take what they have learnt from these coursesas they seek to bring about positive change in their respective fields of interest.

Our activities are complemented by a wide range of other events that allow Fellows in the Centre to share and exchange their knowledge with specialist audiences and the wider public. These events are typically hosted by the Institute but often draw on the Centre and its expertise.



Members and associates of the Centre for Change Governance generate high quality podcast and video content on their latest research findings and facilitate discussion and debate with leading national and international experts on a broad range of governance and policy problems.

News and events

The Centre for Change Governance runs and hosts a wide range of events, including workshops, conferences and seminars, that allow us to share and exchange knowledge with specialist audiences and the wider public.

The Centre for Change Governance Research Forum runs about once a month to bring together members in the Centre so that they can share and develop each other’s research. The Forum is diverse in its curation and encourages a range of different modes of presentation.

Fellows affiliated with the Centre are also actively involved in helping to facilitate other research seminars.