"Nudge, Nudge - Think Think"

“Nudge, Nudge – Think Think”

How can governments persuade citizens to act in socially beneficial ways? Thaler and Sunstein’s book “Nudge” drew on work from behavioural economics to claim that citizens might be encouraged through 'light touch interventions' (i.e nudges) to take action. In their ground-breaking successor to “Nudge”, “Nudge, Nudge – Think Think” (Bloomsbury Press), Gerry Stoker and Peter John argue that an alternative approach also needs to be considered, based on what they call a ‘think’ strategy.

Their core idea is that citizens should themselves deliberate and decide their own priorities as part of a process of civic and democratic renewal. The project team not only set out these divergent approaches in theory but they offer evidence from a series of experiments to show how using techniques from ‘nudge’ or ‘think’ repertoires work in practice and how that practice is made effective. The book is unique in exploring an expanding field of policy and social science interest - changing civic behaviour, using insights from another growing field of social science interest - the rise of experimental methods. Now that Gerry has joined IGPA, Peter, Gerry and Mark Evans will be repeating similar experiments in the Australasian context.