Policing, Intelligence, and Counter Terrorism Program

Policing, Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism Program

Courses currently available under the “Policing, Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism Program” include “Terrorism, Insurgency and Islamic State: An Updated Threat Assessment” (a two-day workshop), “Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Asia and Australia” (a five-day block course run over one week, Monday to Friday), and Protective Security (a two-day workshop). These and other courses can be tailored to meet public and private sector requirements for delivery in Australia and overseas. The Policing, Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism Program emphasises contemporary content, with “lessons learned” from practical experience.

Professional Development Course (PDC) List  Length

Terrorism, Insurgency and IS: An updated threat assessment

While Islamic State (IS) has lost its Syria/Iraq caliphate as a geographic entity, IS is a long way from being ‘down and out’. It is now focused on rebuilding capability in Iraq/Syria and establishing areas of influence outside the Middle East, including in Asia. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda – which in many ways is a more dangerous organisation in terms of lethal capability – is biding its time to make a comeback. Both organisations are still active in cyberspace, reaching out to those who are not part of organised resistance groups. Most Asian countries have existing terrorism or insurgency problems, or could be the site of a terrorist attack. This two-day workshop looks at the areas of greatest security concern based on current intelligence assessments.
2 Days

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Asia and Australia

The first half of this course explores the evolution of terrorism and politically motivated violence, considers the motivations of terrorists and terrorist groups, and assesses trends in terrorist methodology. Contemporary case studies are employed to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the contemporary practitioners of terrorism and politically-motivated violence. The second half explores the evolution of national security and counterterrorism, considers related policy development, and assesses trends in national security and counterterrorism methodology. The course is largely based on practical operational experience, drawing mainly from government, counter terrorism and intelligence sources.
3 Days

Protective security

This course explores a range of credible security and criminal threats; considers their relevance to the management of security in government (and the corporate sector); and discusses the likely future trajectory of these threats.  Protective security and related security matters covered in this course are critically important for both public and private sector managers but are often neglected in tertiary and business courses in Australia. Presenters on this course come from security and intelligence backgrounds.
2 Days