Mara Hernandez


Mara I. Hernandez is full time professor at the Tecnológico de Monterrey's School of Government and Public Transformation. Her research documents processes of legal reform, investigating the level of adherence to standards democratic legitimacy and the effectiveness of negotiation practices deployed by reform champions. She is the leading author of the book, A Congress without Stable Majorities: Best Practices in Multiparty Negotiations and Agreement Building, which has been published twice. Her current research explores the relationship between process -as seen through a lens both normative and strategic- and outcomes, i.e. the quality of policy. She holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where she specialized in negotiation and democratic theory, and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University. She is also a certified mediator from the Harvard Law School. 

Her scholarly work reflects substantially on ten years of experience as a practitioner and former Director of the Center for Civic Collaboration (CCC), where she pioneered the design and facilitation of multi-stakeholder dialogue and consensus-based coalition building in Mexico, on issues of public policy such as environmental management, human rights and public security. She also lead the initiative An Effective and Dialogue-prone Congress, where she worked with legislators from all political parties represented in Congress to improve negotiation and deliberation practices across partisan divides. She is a founding member of the Consensus Building Institute Global Network, established to share expertise in the field from around the world. She has also consulted for the UN, the Mexican Senate and the Canadian Government. 

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