Deliberative Democracy Summer School

The Deliberative Democracy Summer School is our Centre’s flagship program. It brings together top scholars and PhD students specialising in deliberative democracy over three days to exchange ideas about the latest developments and emerging debates in the field.

The Summer School takes place in Canberra every two years. In 2018, Åbo Akademi and the University of Turku co-hosted the third summer school.

Among speakers featured in the summer school include Simone Chambers (watch her keynote here), André Bächtiger, Karin Bäckstrand, Kimmo Grönlund, Jonathan Kuyper, Marit Hammond, Carolyn Hendriks, Ricardo Mendonça and John Parkinson.

Check out the highlights of the 2017 Canberra Summer School here.

The Class of 2015. Canberra, Australia.

The Class of 2017. Canberra, Australia.

The Class of 2018. Turku, Finland.