The Centre convenes master classes and teaches in the postgraduate units of the Institute of Governance and Policy Analysis.


The Centre occasionally convenes a masterclass designed to provide practitioners, public servants and civil society actors an overview of the latest research in deliberative democracy.

It features interactive presentations and roundtable discussions on the latest research in deliberative democracy and citizen deliberation in minipublics (such as Citizens' Juries), focusing on the practical questions about how deliberation works, how and when might best be used, and how its outcomes can be measured.

‘Deliberative Democracy and Public Engagement: What, When, How’ is the Centre’s first masterclass designed for practitioners.

For more information, contact Simon Niemeyer.

Public Policy Units

The Centre teaches into the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis’s Public Policy Unit. Here are some of the topics we cover.

1. Theory and Practice of Democracy

  • Introduction to Deliberative Democracy, John Dryzek
  • Methods that Matter: Deliberative Democracy, Nicole Curato and Simon Niemeyer
  • The Crisis of Democracy and New Forms of Political Innovations, Selen Ercan
  • Democratic Innovations in Low and Middle-Income Countries, Nardine Alnemr, Hannah Barrowman, Wendy Conway-Lamb, and Nicole Curato
  • Challenges to Innovation, Simon Niemeyer
  • Youth Social Movements, Kei Nishiyama
  • Value Conflicts and Public Participation, Jonathan Pickering

2. Policy Analysis

  • Environmental Movements and Policy-Making, Pierrick Chalaye
  • How do populists govern? Nicole Curato
  • Advanced Policy Analysis: Visualisation Techniques, Simon Niemeyer
  • Public Policy by Deliberation, Simon Niemeyer
  • Environmental Policy and Participatory Democracy, Simon Niemeyer
  • Co-Production and Transforming Policy, Emerson Sanchez
  • Business and Power in Democratic Context, Jensen Sass

Social Science Unit

  1. Investigating and Explaining Society