Albert Dzur


Albert W. Dzur is Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Bowling Green State University. He is a democratic theorist interested in citizen deliberation and power-sharing in criminal justice, education, and public administration. He is the co-editor of Democratic Theory and Mass Incarceration (Oxford, 2016) and the author of Punishment, Participatory Democracy, and the Jury (Oxford, 2012), Democratic Professionalism: Citizen Participation and the Reconstruction of Professional Ethics, Identity, and Practice (Penn State, 2008), and numerous articles in journals such as Constellations, Criminal Law and Philosophy, Law and Society Review, Political Theory, and Punishment and Society.

Working with the Kettering Foundation and other organizations, he regularly interviews “democratic professionals:” democratic innovators who have created deliberative power-sharing arrangements in formerly non-participatory institutions and workplaces. Project interviews and related essays appear periodically in the Boston Review and in Restorative Justice: an International Journal.

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