Molly Scudder


Molly Scudder is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Purdue University. She specializes in democratic theory, especially practices of citizenship and the conditions of meaningfully democratic deliberation in contexts of deep difference. She is presently working on a book project entitled “Beyond Empathy and Inclusion: The Challenge of Listening in Democratic Deliberation.” The book examines how the listening practices of citizens engaged in informal, everyday political conversations affect the democratic quality of political decisions. Her work is critical of empathy-centered approaches to deliberation, which tend to leave citizens overconfident yet underprepared for engaging in actual communication across difference and amidst disagreement.

Molly completed her PhD in political theory at the University of Virginia in 2014. Previously, she was a doctoral fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Culture. She is a member of the Purdue Acceptance and Inclusion Research Consortium, a multidisciplinary team of scholars collaborating on research related to the topic of acceptance and inclusion.


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