Lala Muradova

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Lala Muradova joined the Centre for Political Science Research as a Doctoral Researcher in April 2017.  In her PhD project, she uses experimental research designs combined with observation of real-world deliberative practices, to study the cognitive and affective processes underlying democratic deliberation and to understand how individuals participate in deliberative processes. This research is being conducted within the framework of a research project from FWO - Research Foundation Flanders (Belgium). Prof. Sofie Marien is the advisor of this PhD project.

As a Junior Visiting Scholar, Lala studied at Nuffield College, University of Oxford in 2018. She worked there at the Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) with Prof. Raymond Duch. Lala is co-founder of the Meth-Lab: Get High On Your Own Methods Supply, a bottom-up initiative aimed at building cohesion among PhD and Post-doc researchers of the Faculty around common research methods. In 2019, Lala received the European Consortium for Political Research’s Best Paper Prize in the Democratic Innovations stream.

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