Former PhD Students


  • Claudia Benham, Understanding and governing the social-ecological impacts of industrial development in the coastal zone: A transdisciplinary case study analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas development in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Australia


  • Mani Ram Banjade, Deliberative  Governance and Community Forestry in Nepal

  • Andrea Felicetti, Deliberative and Democratic Qualities in the Public Sphere: A Comparative Study of Transition Initiatives in Italy and Australia

  • Penelope Marshall, Playing for Sheep Stations: A Discourse Analysis of Wild Dog Management and Control in New South Wales, Australia
  • Michael Rollens, Theory of Analytical Journalism


  • John Boswell, Between Facts and Fictions: Narratives in Democratic Deliberation on Obesity
  • Jonathan Kuyper, Historical Institutionalism in World Politics: Prospects for Democratisation
  • Maria Noelyn Dano (Weng), Environmental governance for ecological and human wellbeing: Cases of Forest Protected Areas in the Philippines


  • Selen A. Ercan, Beyond multiculturalism: A deliberative democratic approach to “illiberal” cultures
  • Melissa Lovell, The Practice of Liberal Government in Settler Societies


  • Katherine Curchin, The ethics of criticising other cultures
  • Alex Lo, The Normative and Practical Content of Deliberative Monetary Valuation: An Investigation into the Ideological Beliefs Influencing and Subjective Factors Associated with the Articulation of Environmental Values in Deliberative Settings


  • Louise Clery, Social movement strategy between pragmatism and praxis: environmentalists and regional forest agreements


  • Bora Kanra, Deliberating across difference : bringing social learning into the theory and practise of deliberative democracy in the case of Turkey
  • Carolyn Hendriks, Public deliberation and interest organisations : a study of responses to lay citizen engagement in public policy [Won the inaugural best PhD thesis prize of the Australasian Political Studies Association]


  • John Parkinson, The legitimation of deliberative democracy


  • Simon Niemeyer, Deliberation in the wilderness: transforming policy preferences through discourse