Public Engagement


DeliberateACT is a community of interest aimed at building knowledge and capacity around the practice of deliberative engagement. Meetings are held every six weeks at Old Parliament House, and attended by participants from the ACT and Federal public service, as well as community groups and scholars.

The steering group includes representatives from the ACT government, community groups (Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy ACT), community of practice (through our Associate Wendy Russell) and the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance (via Simon Niemeyer). Read more here.

Digital Content

We (critically) embraced the age of communicative abundance and started creating digital content. Here’s our contributions to the rambunctious public sphere. 

    1. #DelibDem Book Drop Series

Shot in our pop-up mobile studio in Canberra, our Book Drop Series features short discussions about our latest books. Check out our YouTube Channel.

    2. Deliberation, Culture, Context Podcast: A collaboration with Real Democracy Now!

We collaborated with our Associate Nivek Thompson’s Real Democracy Now! and featured the speakers of Deliberation, Culture, Context workshop, supported by John Dryzek’s ARC Laureate Project. Listen to fifteen-minute paper summaries here.

    3. Digital library

We are building our library of public events.

  1. Reshaping planetary politics: Governance Activism in the Anthropocene. Watch here.
  2. Deliberative Democracy Summer School, keynote by Simone Chambers. Watch here.
  3. Doing Democracy Differently, featuring John Dryzek, Nicole Curato, Gerry Stoker, Luca Belgiorno-Nettis and Nicole Hunter. Watch here.