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For over 20 years NATSEM has been one of Australia’s leading economic and social policy research centres. It is regarded as one of the world’s foremost centres of excellence for microsimulation, economic modelling and policy evaluation.

NATSEM was initially established at the University of Canberra (UC) in 1993 with the support of the Federal Government. NATSEM is a member of the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis which was established in January 2014. IGPA was formed to harness the research strengths of the ANZSOG Institute for Governance (ANZSIG) and NATSEM. 

NATSEM was previously located in Building 24, which was built with significant support from the work of the Centre and named after its inaugural Director Ann Harding. Now located in Building 11, NATSEM is an integral part of the Faculty of Business, Government and Law.

NATSEM remains an independent and impartial source of specialist research and has no affiliation with any political party. 


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If you would like further information about NATSEM, then please direct your enquiries to: 

National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
Building 11
Kirinari Street
University of Canberra
Bruce ACT 2617

Phone: +61 2 6201 5111
E-mail: natsem | at | canberra.edu.au