Research and Policy Impact

Research Translation

Around the world, there is more demand for academic research to have real-world impact. Australia is not immune to this trend. Across the nation, more universities are creating impact hubs to help researchers connect.  

Academic and professional literature tells us that this challenge is not an easy one. It points to multiple factors that limit this change. Through multiple means, NATSEM works hard to translate its work with impact. 

NATSEM contributes to national and parliamentary inquiries.

NATSEM’s Research Insight series uses current and emerging research to provide insight into social issues of national and international importance. 

Our team also contributes regularly to publicly available research sites: 

Policy Impact

Often, today’s complex policy problems need more than just economic answers. Our extensive experience in social modelling and evaluation means that we can design the right mixed method approach for ‘wicked’ policy problems.  

Applied research to support policy, programs and services that work for everyone is essential to an effective and fair system. The NATSEM team includes people with broad experience in academia, policy and the sector that partner to guarantee real impact for research with all Australians, including the poor and vulnerable. 

NATSEM’s projects lie mainly in key policy areas of: 

  • Economy 
  • Education
  • Health 
  • Home Affairs 
  • Human Services 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Social Services 
  • Regional Australia 
  • Transport 

To find out more about the potential for NATSEM to support your department or agency, visit our Partnerships page. 

Bridging the Gap

In recent years, there has been a steady stream of academic conferences, workshops, and publications that focus on better integrating research and policy. There has also been a growing interest amongst policy-makers. The Mandarin hosts a research series on this challenge. 

NATSEM is also dedicated to bridging the gap between independent, rigorous, scholarly work and relevant, influential, applied research. Our network has contributed the following to this important debate. 

NATSEM also provides masterclasses, workshops and training on research-policy impact, including training on how to use our models for your policy needs. To find out more, email natsem | at |