Canberra Conversation Lecture Series

Crisis of Confidence in the Political Process or Return to Engagement?

Thu 11 August 2016Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA) Canberra Conversation Public Lecture / 12.30pm - 1.30pmFunction Room, Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre, North Building, 180 London Circuit, CANBERRA CITY

This Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA) Canberra Conversation Public Lecture will explore the role of emerging minor parties and independents in the upcoming election for the ACT Legislative Assembly, and the diminishing support for the major for the major parties.

The event is jointly convened by Professorial Fellow Jon Stanhope AO and Adjunct Professor Dr Khalid Ahmed PSM. It will be moderated by Kirsten Lawson and Markus Mannheim. Kirsten Lawson is the ACT political reporter at the Canberra Times, and Markus Mannheim is the Editor of The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

This event is free to attend. Registration is essential. Please click here to register. 

Richard Farmer - Canberra Community Voters Party

The aim of Canberra Community Voters is simple - to strive for a less rigid form of parliamentary democracy in the ACT where independent thinking by community-minded representatives, and proper community consultation, is encouraged and respected. It wants a truly transparent and evidence-based system of government in the ACT that puts an end to secret dealings in government and particularly in land development.

Steven Bailey - Australian Sex Party

The Australian Sex Party is a socially progressive political movement with a broad suite of civil libertarian policies. Founded by Fiona Patten and Robbie Swan in 2010, the party’s genesis was largely due to a reaction to Senator Stephen Conroy’s proposal to a national internet filter. Since then, the Sex Party has grown into a serious political party with leader of the party Fiona Patten being elected to the Victorian Parliament in 2014.

Based on the last two Senate elections in the ACT, the Australian Sex Party is the 4th most popular party in the Capital Territory. The ACT branch of the party is currently commencing focused on the ACT October elections with and lead candidate Steven Bailey as the party’s lead candidate.

Bruce Paine - VoteCanberra Party

VoteCanberra's key aim in contesting the ACT election is to provide a credible alternative for Canberra voters who are tired of total control by the 3 major Parties (who back narrow sectional interests, rather than representing the general community in the Legislative Assembly).

VoteCanberra is doing this by providing a platform for candidates with independent views and policies.

Leigh Watson - Independent

Leigh Watson’s recent position as Executive Officer of ACT Shelter, advocating on the housing rights for Canberrans on low to moderate incomes, gained her deep insight into how critical secure and affordable housing is for people to live meaningful and connected lives. In Leigh's view despite the city’s seeming wealth, there are too many Canberrans who do not have access to such housing and are living their lives on the margins. While many community groups, individuals and industry bodies feel this is a critical issue, it seems that the ACT Government has failed to listen to their concerns – ACT now has the second highest rates of homelessness in Australia and many people continue to face housing related financial difficulties. The lack of response from the ACT Government and major parties to this issue has led Leigh to stand as an Independent candidate for the upcoming ACT Election


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