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(Re)focusing on Centrality in the Global City: Insights from Sydney, Australia

Wed 24 August 2016Professor Richard Hu / 3:00pm - 4:00pmRoom 6, Level C, Building 2, University of Canberra

IGPA would like to invite you to attend the "(Re)focusing on “Centrality” in the Global City: Insights from Sydney, Australia", presented by Professor Richard Hu.


This study tests the "centrality" proposition in the global city thesis, using Sydney as a case study. It draws on the theorisation of the ascendance of intermediation in the global economy, and the centralisation of the intermediary economy – advanced producer services – in global cities. The scholarship has emphasised an inter-city approach to the "relationality" in a global city network; little work has employed an intra-city approach to the "centrality" within a global city. This study fills the scholarly void, and builds a dialogue between the two defining attributes of contemporary global cities: "relationality" and "centrality". This study uses inter-censual data in 2001-2011 to compare time-series shifts and spatial patterns of advanced producer services in Sydney CBD. The findings provide insights into the growing centrality of Sydney’s global capacity, financialisation in particular, and into the articulation between "space of place" and "space of flow" in global cities.

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