Centre for Change Governance

Challenges to Data Analytics in Smart Cities

Mon 18 September 2017Associate Professor Karl Lofgren / 3:00pm-4:00pmFishbowl, Building 24, University of Canberra

Associate Professor Karl Lofgren

School of Government

Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand



The improved possibilities for data mining, data storage, and not at least data analytics – often called ‘Big Data’, has led many observers to assert that we are entering a new phase in the development of modern cities. Big data, smart cities and Internet of things are all concepts relating to new opportunities for enhancing both public sector service delivery and policy analytics in our cities.  This conceptual paper will question some of these assertions from both an empirical and a normative perspective, and structured along a value-chain. While there are good examples of how the advancement of technology is changing what we can do, many of the positive claims are either hyperbole, or ignoring potential risks. The paper is based on an extensive literature review, as well as some initial empirical work. 


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