Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance Seminar

Deliberation, Culture, and Context

Thu 7 December 2017 to Fri 8 December 2017Converner: Dr Jensen SassVenue: Room 5 and 6, Level B, Building 23, University of Canberra


  • Thursday 7th December

9:00-9:30—Introduction: Jensen Sass / John Dryzek

Chair: Ana Tanasoca


9:30-11:00—Melissa Williams – University of Toronto

‘Democratizing Political Theory’

Chair: Ana Tanasoca

Discussant: Nicole Curato


11:00-11:30—Morning tea


11:30-1:00—Mark Warren – University of British Columbia

‘Indigenous Practices of Deliberative Democracy’

Chair: Quinlan Bowman

Discussant: Selen Ercan




2:30-4:00—Stephanie Lawson – Macquarie University

‘Consensus Politics and Democracy in the Pacific Islands: A Critique’

Chair: Carolyn Hendriks

Discussant: John Dryzek


7:00-10:00—Conference Dinner, Ottoman Restaurant, Barton Canberra (RSVP)


  • Friday 8th December:

9:00-10:30—Emmanuel Ani – University of Ghana

‘Traditional Roots of Democratic Verbal Discipline: Insights from the Akan of Africa’

Chair: Ian O’Flynn

Discussant: Ana Tanasoca


10:30-11:00—Morning tea


11:00-12:30—Vijayendra Rao – World Bank

‘Deliberative Inequality: A Text-As-Data Study of Tamil Nadu’s Village Assemblies’

Chair: Jonathan Pickering

Discussant: Simon Niemeyer




1:30-3:00—Arabella Lyon – State University of New York, Buffalo

‘Confucian Deliberative Theory and its Implications for Deliberative Democracy’

Chair: Selen Ercan

Discussant: Jonathan Pickering


3:00-4:00—Roundtable Discussion: Chair: Nicole Curato

Deliberation, Culture, and Context: The State of Play

John Parkinson—Griffith University                 Quinlan Bowman – NTU (Singapore)

Ian O’Flynn—Newcastle University (UK)          Jensen Sass – University of Canberra


5:00-7:00—Drinks, Walt and Burley, Kingston Foreshore Canberra

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