IGPA Research Seminar Series

Bureaucratic Autonomy of International Organisations' Secretariats

Thu 2 March 2017Professor Michael Bauer / 12:00pm - 1:00pmThe Dryzek Room (22B13), Building 22, University of Canberra

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About the Talk

The paper advances a theoretical conceptualization of the bureaucratic autonomy of international secretariats and suggests an empirical yardstick for its measurement. The proposed concept of bureaucratic autonomy focuses on administrative structures and provides an indicator-based approximation for the bureaucratic capacities of international organizations in order to systematically reveal variation in intra-organizational potential for autonomous bureaucratic behaviour. The usefulness and limitations of the concept are discussed in light of an empirical examination of fifteen international secretariats.

About the Speaker

Michael W. Bauer is Jean Monnet Professor and holds the chair of Comparative Public Administration and Policy Analysis at the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer. He is interested in international and multilevel public administration as well as in the comparative analysis of public policy-making. Current projects include investigating the autonomy of international bureaucracies, studying implementation conflicts in EU annulment litigation and surveying the attitudes of subnational and supranational public servants to European integration. Recent publications comprise “International Public Administration: A New Type of Bureaucracy? Lessons and Challenges for Public Administration Research” (2016, Palgrave Series on Public Organizations), “Bureaucratic autonomy of international organizations’ secretariats” (2016, Journal of European Public Policy) and “The State, the Economy, and the Regions: Theories of Preference Formation in Times of Crisis” (2016, JPART). For more information and material visit mwbauer.eu.

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The IGPA Research Seminar Series is convened by Dr Paul Fawcett.

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