NATSEM Seminar Series

Research with impact: Building an engaging and sustainable collaboration

Thu 3 May 2018 to Tue 3 April 2018Dr Novita Ikasari / 12:30pm-1:30pm11B44, Building 11, University of Canberra

About the Talk

In the wake of the 4th industrial revolution, universities – and academics in particular – are called upon the challenge to transform their business model from traditional teaching and research to a contemporary dynamic approach to teaching and collaborative research. The previous, situates universities as a center of knowledge, whilst the latter establishes universities as an institution where the interface of knowledge takes place. At this juncture innovative and entrepreneurial skills are developed. In this regard, the Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Indonesia envisions a global partnerships and networking with other universities that will enable the faculty together with their partners to be collaborative and more importantly collegiality to fulfill the challenges posed by the 4th industrial revolution. In this presentation, programs and research themes within the Faculty of Administrative Science Universitas Indonesia will be introduced, as well as several teaching and research collaboration opportunities and the development of a collegial relationship.

About the Speaker

Novita Ikasari received her bachelor degree in business administration from Universitas Indonesia, Master of Commerce from University of Sydney and Doctor of Philosophy from Curtin University. Her PhD research contributed to the extensive application of data mining in business context and a better provision of financial support for small enterprises in Indonesia. Aside from working as an academic within the Business Administration Department, Novita also has an experience working in the public sector for the German Development Agency (GIZ) “Support for Good Governance Project” for four years. She is currently the Head of the Centre for Governance, Public Policy and Business studies at Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia and teaches entrepreneurship and accounting units. Her research area is microfinance and entrepreneurship.

This event is co-organised by NeXus and IGPA Indonesia Program. You are welcome to forward this invitation to any interested guests

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