NATSEM Seminar Series

The Role of Nutrition Assistance and Care and Dietary Habits in Lowering Stunting in Indonesia

Tue 5 November 2019Dr Tri Mulyaningsih, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, IndonesiaUniversity of Canberra / 12 - 1 pm / Fishbowl (Building 24)

An IGPA Indonesia Program and NATSEM Seminar

Despite Indonesia success in eradicating poverty and having steady growth, 8.4 million children are stunted and suffer from chronic malnutrition. The examination of size of the problem and its determinants is essential because stunting leads to underdevelopment both cognitive and physical during childhood, lower productivity and increase risks of non-communicable diseases during adulthood. This study aims to examine the role of health services, socio-economic, demography, and consumption behaviour dietary habits on young child nutritional status across regions in Indonesia. This study utilises a rich dataset of Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) and estimates the model using three approaches namely Ordinary Least Square (OLS), Ordered Logistic Regression and Partial Proportional Odds. The data shows that 30 per cent of children are stunted and this figure is dominated by male and children live in rural areas. The finding is robust that poor dietary habit, poverty, lack of information and access to health services contribute to increasing the prevalence of stunting in Indonesia.


About the speaker

Dr Tri Mulyaningsih is currently the Head of Research Group of Industrial Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS). In addition, she is responsible for managing the Post-Graduate program in Economics and the International Division of the Faculty of Economics and Business, UNS. She is actively involved in research and teaching at the university. Her thesis is in the area of applied microeconomics of market structure of banking industry. She has published two papers from her thesis in the reputable international journals of the Journal of Financial Stability and International Journal of Monetary and Finance.


In 2018, she organised the most prominent international conference on regional development in Indonesia,  the Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) Conference 2018 in Surakarta. Further, she has strong international research collaborations with colleagues from Australia and Asia. She received an international research grant from the Australian National University on their study of regional skills differentials, and the project has successfully published a paper in the Singapore Economic Review. Further, her project on Targeted Scholarship of Bidikmisi and students' academic achievement has granted research funds from the UNS for multi-years project. 


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