Parliamentary Triangle Seminar Series

The Great Convergence: Information technology and the New Globalisation

Tue 7 March 2017Professor Richard BaldwinMembers Dining Room 2, Old Parliament House

This event is hosted by the Centre for Change Governance at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra, in collaboration with the EU Centre for Global Affairs at the University of Adelaide.

Drinks and light refreshments will be provided.

This event is free and open to the public. For catering and planning purposes, please RSVPUCIGPA | at |

ABOUT: This public lecture aims to change the way we understand globalisation and its impact on societies. Richard Baldwin argues that revolutionary advances in information technology and computing transformed globalisation around 1990 in ways that few governments and companies have yet to understand. While the “Old Globalisation” was mostly about goods crossing borders, the “New Globalisation” is driven by ideas and know-how crossing borders. These massive flows of knowledge transformed the global economy, allowing, for example, emerging markets to grow at unprecedented rates and helping 650 million people rise out of poverty. But, the knowledge flows were also disruptive. Under the New Globalisation, rich-nation firms can combine their know-how with low-wage workers abroad. This new high-tech-low-wage combination has disrupted the livelihoods of workers and communities in ways that spurred social and political upheaval across Europe and the US. Policies based on Old-Globalisation thinking are failing to address community concerns and have stoked distrust of elites and governments.

This lecture is based on Professor Baldwin’s latest book, The Great Convergence: Information Technology and the New Globalization.

Professor Richard Baldwin

Richard Baldwin is Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva since 1991, Policy Director of the Centre for Policy Research (CEPR), London since 2006, Editor-in-Chief of Vox since he founded it in June 2007, and an elected Member of the Council of the European Economic Association. He was a Senior Staff Economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisors in the Bush Administration (1990-1991) following the Uruguay Round, NAFTA and EAI negotiations as well as numerous US-Japan trade issues including the SII talks and the Semiconductor Agreement renewal. He completed his PhD in economics at MIT under Paul Krugman and his latest book, The Great Convergence: Information Technology and the New Globalisation, was published by Harvard University Press in November 2016.


Professor Mark Evans

Mark Evans, Director, Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra, will moderate the session.

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