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Thu 16 November 2017.

Here is a list of papers and podcasts that provide supporting material for key symposium themes:

On connecting social science and policy see:

Gerry Stoker and Mark Evans (2016), ‘Conclusion: connecting social science and policy’, in Gerry Stoker and Mark Evans, Evidence-based policy-making in the social sciences: methods that matter, pp. 263-270.

On citizen-led approach to reforming democracy and building trust,  see  Carolyn M. Hendriks  (2017) ‘Citizen-led democratic reform: Innovations from Indi’. 

On strengthening public engagement in parliamentary committees, see Carolyn M Hendriks and Adrian Kay (2017)   ‘From “opening up” to democratic renewal: Deepening public engagement in legislative committees.’

On connecting elites and citizens in public deliberation, see Carolyn M Hendriks (2016)  “Coupling Citizens and Elites in Deliberative Systems: the role of institutional design”

On key findings from empirical research on deliberative democracy, see  Curato, N., Dryzek, J., Ercan, S.A., Hendriks, C.M. and Niemeyer, S. (2017), ‘Twelve key findings in deliberative democracy research’

On Trust and Democracy in Australia see Mark Evans, Max Halupka and Gerry Stoker on How Australians Imagine Their Democracy: the Power of Us.

On building trust through co-design see Mark Evans and Nina Terrey ‘Co-design with citizens and stakeholders’, in Gerry Stoker and Mark Evans, Evidence-based policy-making in the social sciences: methods that matter, pp. 243-262.

Also see: and

On building trust with the citizenry through digital production see: Mark Evans, Max Halupka and Jack Dan (2017), for IGPA/Telstra, Delivering digital government: the Australian public scorecard.

On building trust with the citizenry through next generation behavioural insights see: Peter John and Gerry Stoker (2017), ‘From nudge to nudge plus: behavioural public policy for a self-guiding society’. Also see David Halpern on nudge at:

On doing democracy differently – what works?:

On mini-publics see Robert E. Goodin and John S. Dryzek on ‘Deliberative Impacts: The Macro-Political Uptake of Mini-publics’.

Citizens juries in Australia: (what they are New Democracy) (purpose of the Geelong jury) (Geelong) (Geelong) (Geelong) (South Australia)

On the Irish Constitutional Convention see:

On America Speaks and priority setting deliberative polls see:

On participatory budgeting in New York see: AND Brazil see:

On a large-scale deliberative assembly designed by Mark Evans for the Power Inquiry:

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