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Workshop: Advancing Deliberative Policy Analysis

Thu 1 March 2018Professor Hendrik Wagenaar / 9:30am-1:15pmThe Fishbowl, Building 24, University of Canberra

It has been 15 years since Maarten Hajer and Hendrik Wagenaar published Deliberative Policy Analysis: Understanding Governance in the Network Society (Cambridge University Press, 2003) (DPA). The book became one of the most cited books in interpretive policy analysis. In this book, Hajer and Wagenaar suggested a deliberative policy analysis built on the three pillars of interpretation, practice-orientation and deliberation. Since the book’s publication, the development of the three pillars have moved in different directions; this workshop seeks to bring these three dimensions into dialogue again.

Speakers/discussants include: Prof Hal Colebatch (University of New South Wales), Prof John Dryzek (University of Canberra), A/Prof Selen Ercan (University of Canberra), A/Prof Paul Fawcett (University of Canberra), A/Prof Carolyn Hendriks (Australian National University), Prof Hendrik Wagennar (King’s College London).

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