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PROFESSOR Laurie BrownEmeritus Professor


Address: Building 24, Level A, University of Canberra Phone: +61 (0) 2 6201 2770


National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM)


Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

Population studies; health, ageing and aged care; indigenous disadvantage


Laurie Brown is a Professor and Research Director at IGPA. Laurie is one of Australasia’s leading health geographers and modellers. Laurie has over 25 years experience in public policy and practice and researching the impacts of demographic, social and economic change. She has an academic background in health geography, population studies, epidemiology, health economics and health services research. Laurie has been a consultant to the New Zealand and Australian Governments and various State and Territory Governments. Prior to coming to Australia, Laurie was with the Lipid and Diabetes Research Group, an independently funded medical research organisation at the Christchurch School of Medicine in New Zealand.

Laurie is currently playing a leading role in the development and application of microsimulation models  and the use of micro-data for investigating policy issues in health, disability, ageing and caring in Australia and internationally.  Laurie’s current research interests include future impacts of chronic disease especially dementia and type 2 diabetes, social determinants of health and health inequities, Indigenous socio-economic and health disadvantage, and disability, ageing and caring.

Laurie has published numerous papers in international and national refereed social science and medical journals, and has authored many book chapters, commissioned research reports, monographs and technical reports. She is a referee for a number of national and international research funding bodies and scientific and policy journals.


Selected Publications:

  • Lay-Yee, R., Pearson, J., Davis, P., von Randow, M., Kerse, N., Brown, L. (2017), “Changing the balance of social care for older people: simulating scenarios under demographic ageing in New Zealand”, Health and Social Care in the Community, 25, 3, pp. 962-974
  • Lay-Yee, R., Pearson, J., Davis, P., von Randow, M., Kerse, N., Brown, L. (2016), “Rebalancing health service use for older people: simulating policy-relevant scenarios under demographic ageing”, New Zealand Medical Journal, 129, 1442, pp. 25-35.
  • Nepal B., Brown, L. and Anstey, K.J. (2014), “Rising Midlife Obesity Will Worsen Future Prevalence of Dementia”, PLoS ONE, 9, 9, p. 1-5
  • Brown, L., Abello, A. and Thurecht, L. (2013) ‘Older Australians and Delayed Discharge from Hospital’, Health Services Research.
  • Butler, D., Thurecht, L., Brown, L., Douglas, K., McNamara, J. and Konings, P. (2013) ‘Social exclusion, deprivation and child health: a spatial analysis of ambulatory care sensitive conditions in children aged 0-4 years in Victoria, Australia, 2003-4 to 2008-09’, Social Science & Medicine.
  • Nepal, B., Brown, L. (2013) ‘Projection of older Australians with a history of midlife obesity and overweight 2010-2050’, Obesity.
  • Nepal, B., Brown, L., Thurecht, L. and Ranmuthugala, G. (2013) ‘Projecting the Need for Residential Aged Care in Australia: Estimates from a Microsimulation Model‘, Journal of Population Research.
  • Thurecht, L., Nepal, B., Brown, L.  and Harding, A. (2013) ‘Ecological Inference and a New Method to Infer Individual Characteristics from Aggregate Data’, Sociological Methods and Research.
PhD Supervision

Areas of Supervision

  • Population studies
  • Health, ageing and aged care
  • Indigenous disadvantage

Involvement in PhD Supervisory Panels

  • Velma McKeachie, "Australian Family experiences of delayed diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome: a phenomenological study" (Primary Supervisor)
  • Erick Hasnata, "A quantitative modelling in the migration decisions of households and individuals in the Murry Darling Basin" (Primary Supervisor)
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