A Fresh Agenda for Australia's Cities and Regions: Collaboration, Innovation and Localism

Tue 31 May 2016

Research conducted by Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis Director Professor Mark Evans has shaped the Election Statment of LG Professionals Australia National President, Andrew Wardlaw. 

The report, Australia in a Century of Transformative Governance: A Federation for Communities and Places, shows that the skills and resources of Australian local government are being seriously under?used in the way we manage the federation and address national issues. It suggests our current federal arrangements are not delivering the results Australians need and expect; with Governments needing to work together to do better with less, and to regain public trust. The report also found It also found Australians want a fresh approach to the way we govern our local communities, cities and regions.

Mr Wardlaw said today that Australia is lagging behind moves around the world – most notably in the United Kingdom – towards devolution, localism and ‘place?based’ government.

“Australian want better results, not a re?run of tired old debates about ‘who does what’ and ‘who’s in charge’. We are failing to bring a localist – community – perspective to bear on federal policies and Commonwealth?State relations. No wonder governments are seen to be out of touch,” he said.

This report was completed with Institute partners Local Governement Professionals Association. 

Click here to read the full Election Statement from Mr Wardlaw.


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