End of Year Government Cohort Celebration and Public Sector Excellence Awards

Mon 9 December 2013

On Tuesday, 26th November IGPA held our annual End of Year Celebration for our Government Cohorts and the 2013 Public Sector Excellence Awards. 

In front of an audience of over 150 peoeple, 118 students graduated with a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration, our biggest cohort to graduate since the program started.

Key note addresses were delivered by distinguished department representatives including:

1. Mr Mike Mrdak, Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
2. Ms Rona Mellor, Deputy Secretary, Department of Agriculture
3. Mr Andrew Cappie-Wood, Head of Service, ACT Government

University of Canberra Vice Chancellor Professor Stephen Parker also addressed the crowd and presented the Public Sector Excellence Winners with their awards.

The IGPA Public Sector Excellence Awards are awarded to outstanding Australian public servants at different levels of governance who demonstrate excellence in leadership, policy innovation and/or policy delivery that leads to positive social or economic outcomes for Australian citizens. The winners of these awards are nominated by ANZSIG Fellows.

This year the nstitute for Governance Public Sector Excellence Awards were awarded to:

• Mr Andrew Cappie-Wood, Head of Service - ACT Government
• Mr Andrew Kefford, Commissioner - ACT Government
• Dr Martin Parkinson , Secretary - Department of the Treasury
• Ms Nicole Moore, Senior Project Manager - ACT Government
• Ms Renee Leon PSM, Secretary - Department of Employment

Citations on each award recipient can be found in the full program.

As part of the end of year celebrations, the top students from each graduating class are awarded for their Academic Excellence. This year The Institute for Governance Award for Academic Excellence were awarded to:

• Ms Adele Banks (ACT Government)
• Ms Cordelia Griffiths (Department of Agriculture)
• Mr Patrick Suthers and Ms Amanda Thompson (Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development who tied in 1st place)

Student representative Patrick Suthers, Graduate, Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development spoke on behalf of the graduating class commending the Institute’s valuable work in delivering such a successful program.

Thank you for all those who contributed to the program throughout the year with special mention to MrJustin Wilson and Professor Chris Aulich.

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