The 2014 Public Sector Excellence Awards

Tue 23 September 2014

The Institute for Governance Public Sector Excellence Awards 

The Institute for Governance Public Sector Excellence Awards are held annually to recognise outstanding Australian public servants at different levels of governance who demonstrate excellence in leadership, policy innovation and/or policy delivery that leads to positive social or economic outcomes for Australian citizens. The winners of these awards are nominated by Institute Fellows.

Each award recipient receives an honory adjunct position with IGPA and is given framed artwork of 'The Allegory of Good Government'.

About the Allegory of Good Government
Ambrogio Lorenzetti was an Italian painter of the Sienese school. He was active between approximately 1317 to 1348. He painted frescos on the walls of the Council Room (Sala dei Nove) of the City Hall, the Palazzo Pubblico, of Siena in Tuscany. His work is considered one of the most revolutionary and remarkable endeavours of the Renaissance. The subject of the frescoes are Good and Bad Government and their impact on the life of the cities and villages.

The Allegory of Good Government consists of groups of figures. On the left hand side is Justice which consist of five figures. Justice is sitting on a throne, and above her is Wisdom who holds scales that on the left distribute justice by beheading the wrongdoer and rewarding another with a crown. On her right justice is distributed by giving individuals what is due to them – she gives money to one, and a weapon to another. Two ropes descend from the scales and merge with Harmony who sits at Justice’s feet. This presents the main principles of good government in a city – the wisdom and justice of rulers and unity amongst citizens.

On the right hand side of the fresco is a second group of characters. The Ruler sits on the throne in black and white dress, which represents the colours of the Sienic arms. On either side of the figure are six personifications of virtue – Peace, Fortitude, Prudence, Magnanimity, Temperance and Justice. These are the virtues and principles required for good city government. Above the Ruler we can see three hovering figures representing the theological virtues of Charity, Faith and Hope. The lower area of the fresco depicts a procession of 24 citizens of Siena who are the guardians of its democratic government. The Ruler holds the golden cords that runs through the hands of the citizens to Harmony and Justice.


The  inaugural Public Sector Excellence Awards were held on October 15th, 2012 with the Hon Gary Gray hosting the event.

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