Grant News

Mon 20 October 2014

The Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis is thilled to share our recent grant successes:

  1. Professor Rob Tanton, Dr Yogi Vidyattama and Professor Barbara Norman have been successful in their bid to develop the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) ACT Data Portal Project. 
  2. Professor Laurie Brown has been successful in her bid for funding for The Dementia Collaborative Research Centre for Early Diagnosis & Prevention (DCRC-EDP) research grant titled “Joint Impact of Multiple Risk Factors on Future Dementia Prevalence”. 
  3. Dr Nicole Curato was awarded an ESRC grant for Humanitarian Technologies: An Ethnographic Assessment of Communication Environments in Disaster Recovery and Humanitarian Intervention. The project aims to assess the uses and consequences of communication technologies in the disaster recovery from   Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded with over 6000 casualties and more than 12 million people affected.
  4. Professor Patrick Zou won a research project with the Master Builders Association. He will be working on the project, Safety Leadership Advanced Observations and Conversations Skills Training: Does It Work
  5. Dr Yogi Vidyattama in collaboration with Geoscience Australia (GA) successfully responded to the Bushfire and Natural Hazard CRC (BNHCRC)’s call for research proposals on two of its five main themes – Data and Knowledge and Disaster Resilience. This award will help fund a Bushfire and Natural Hazard CRC scholarship in natural hazards information system assessment.
  6. Murray-Darling Basin Futures CRN Visiting Fellow Anna Lukasiewicz and Dr Lain Dare received funding from NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to undertake an Evaluation of Environmental Water Advisory Groups. This project will see the team on the road for much of the next eight weeks as they travel NSW to attend group meetings, undertake interviews and conduct a survey. The project will(a) Evaluate whether NSW Environmental Water Advisory Groups(EWAGs) fulfil the expectations of their participants and whether they are functioning effectively; and (b) Explore the extent of EWAGs as vehicles for localism and effective partnership with local communities.  
  7. The Globalisation and Cities Research Program team (Associate Professor Richard Hu, Mr Lucas Carmody, Ms Sajeda Tuli) have been commissioned to carry out a housing study for Defence Housing Australia (DHA). Entitled Recent housing trends in Australia – is it time for a shift to more compact dwelling types?, the project will provide  statistical analysis on a number of issues such as the Australian family structure, dwelling structure, correlation of    median incomes,  median mortgage and median rent payments. The project results will inform the trends of compact housing, and the roles and opportunities for government land organisations. 
  8. Adjunct Fellow Kim Houghton, with colleagues from IGPA (Dr Leonie Pearson, Dr Lain Dare, Ms Lyndal Hasselman, Adjunct Jen Cleary) and CeRAPH (Dr Jacki Schirmer) were successful in attracting funding from the Murray Local Land Services. The project will work to develop robust indicators and an associated monitoring plan to monitor the effects of NRM investment on economic sustainability and social wellbeing.
  9. Professorial Fellow Bill Burmester, Emeritus Professor Meredith Edwards, Professor Mark Evans, Professor John Halligan and Adjunct Professor Tu Pham have been successful in their bid to conduct a review of the performance of the three arms of the ACT government against the Latimer House Principle
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