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Mon 20 October 2014


  • Carmel McGregor (formerly Dep Sec, Defence, APSC) will now be taking an active role in the Institute in further developing our work on Women in Leadership  including our "male champions of change" initiative in Canberra and fostering our relationship with Commonwealth Departments. We are also looking to extend our work on "unconscious bias" from women to people with a disability and Carmel will also help us to develop this project.

  • Professor Mark Turner attended the European Consortium on Political Research 42nd Joint Sessions of Workshops at the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. Mark presented the paper Reluctant democrats and the challenge of legitimation: the case of Bhutan.  
  • Professor John Halligan was a member of a keynote panel on Public Management and the Executive at the annual conference of the International Research Society for Public Management held at the University of Carleton, Ottawa. John's paper was entitled Changing Relationships between Politicians and Civil Servants in Anglophone Countries. John also made two presentations to the annual conference of the American Society for Public Administration in Washington: Capability Development of Senior Public Servants in Australia, and Coordination and Collaboration in Inter-agency Relationships. 
  • Professor John Dryzek gave the keynote lecture on Deliberative Engagement to the International Symposium on Transforming Public Engagement on Controversial   Science and Technology, University of Waikato in February. John also spoke on Climate Change and Ethics to the ANU Climate Change Colloquium in June.
  • Dr Jinjing Li attended the CES 2014 China Annual Conference in Guangzhou in June where he presented his paper on Pension Reforms and Income Inequality among Elderlies in China 1988-2011.  
  • Drs Xiaodong Gong, Riyana (Mira) Miranti and Jinjing Li  attended the first joint conference of the Australian Conference of Economist (ACE) and Econometric Society Australasian Meeting (ESAM) in Hobart, Tasmania in July . Xiaodong presented a paper which analyses Nonparametric Kernel Estimation of the Impact of Tax Policy on the Demand for Private Health Insurance in Australia, Mira presented a  paper which examines internal migration and its relationship with community wellbeing in Murray-Darling Basin area and is funded under the CRN-Migration project Should I Stay or Should I go? and Jinjing presented his research which investigated the issue of whether or not gender specific media coverage affects female employment opportunities. 
  • Professor Patrick Zou was invited by Renmin University of China to provide lectures in Risk Management in their International Summer School program. 
  • Professor Monir Mir presented three papers at the Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference, 7-9 July held at Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto - The  independence of Supreme Audit Institutions in the Context of Democracy and Political Competitions: The Case of Chinese National Audit Office, Public sector reform and its paradox outcomes: The case of Indonesia and The readability of management discussion & analysis in annual reports: An Australian public sector perspective
  • Emeritus Professor Meredith Edwards has featured in the summary of the overall proceedings of the OECD Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development: OECD Global Forum on Public Governance. Meredith also delivered a guest lecture at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, where she  discussed the report Not Yet 50/50: Barriers to the Progression of Senior Women in the Public Sector. The Minister responsible for women’s issues, Minister Michaelia Cash was also on the platform. Meredith travelled to New York where she attended the 13th Session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration (UNCEPA). Meredith has been invited to speak at the CAPAM 2014 Biennial Conference. Her paper, Barriers to the Progression of Senior Women in the Public Sector.
  • Professor David Marsh and Dr Lain Dare went out in the field to St George, Queensland,  to undertake some field work associated with the Murray-Darling Basin Futures CRN project. While they were there they talked to a range of people regarding community power.
  • Professor Barbara Norman was also invited to speak at the Australian Local Government Association ICLEI Annual Briefing Breakfast in June. 
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