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IGPA 2014 Graduate Luncheon & Public Sector Excellence Awards

Tue 2 December 2014

IGPA recently held our 2014 End of Year Celebration for our graduates and the Public Sector Excellence Awards.

Around 130 people were in attendance, including Departmental Secretaries, Senior Academic staff and 90 students who completed their Graduate Certificate in Public Administration.

Key note addresses were delivered by distinguished department representatives including:

  • Mr Andrew Wilson, Deputy Secretary, Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development
  • Mr Phillip Glyde, Deputy Secretary, Department of Agriculture and;
  • Ms Bronwen Overton-Clarke, Deputy Director-General and Commissioner for Public Administration, ACT Government

UC Vice Chancellor Professor Stephen Parker AO also delivered an address including some very clever uses of Aussie slang to try and engage with the students.

Following the main course, Professor Mark Evans and Professor Stephen Parker announced the recipients of the 2014 Public Sector Excellence Awards. These awards are given to outstanding Australian public servants at different levels of governance who demonstrate excellence in leadership, policy innovation and/or policy delivery that leads to positive social or economic outcomes for Australian citizens. The winners of these awards are nominated by IGPA Fellows.

This year the Institute for Governance Public Sector Excellence Awards were awarded to:

  • Ms Jane Halton PSM, Secretary – Department of Finance
  • Mr David Matthews, Executive Director – Housing and Community Services ACT Government
  • Mr Simon Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Northside Community Service
  • Dr Ian Watt AO, Secretary – Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

All of the recipients are appointed an Adjunct Professorship or Honorary Fellowship with the Institute.

As part of the end of year celebrations, the top students from each graduating class are awarded for their Academic Excellence. This year the IGPA Awards for Academic Excellence were awarded to:

  • Ms Polly Walker-Dorras (ACT Government Public Service)
  • Ms Lisa Stevenson (Department of Agriculture)
  • Mr Hugh Perry (Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development)

The event concluded with student representative Lisa Stevenson, Graduate AFMA, Department of Agriculture speaking on behalf of the graduating class commending the Institute’s valuable work in delivering such a successful program.


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