Democracy expert delivers Don Aitkin lecture

Thu 24 September 2015

The question of whether people get the government they deserve or not was the subject of deliberative democracy expert professor John Dryzek's 2015 Don Aitkin Lecture at the University of Canberra on 22 September.

During the lecture 'Do people get the government they deserve?' Professor Dryzek explored why it is not as simple as the saying makes out, and getting the government or system of government that people deserve can be a complex matter.

The Don Aitkin Lecture comes just a week after a major shake-up for the Federal Government and a display of Australia's democratic system in action.

The Don Aitkin Lecture series is delivered by prominent Australian and international scholars, providing an in-depth discussion of their research and insights on major contemporary social, scientific and cultural issues.

Professor Dryzek leads the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance within the University's Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis.

Watch the video here.



This post orginally published by the University of Canberra Monitor Staff.

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