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Wed 21 October 2015

For 175 years local governments have played an important role in our country. 

It all started in 1840, when the then Adelaide Corporation was formed to enable colonial governments to deliver local services, particularly building and maintaining roads.

In the April edition of LG Manager Magazine, we highlighted the ‘White Paper on the Reform of the Federation’ (PM 2014) process. The White Paper will seek to clarify roles and responsibilities to ensure that, as far as possible, the States and Territories are sovereign in their own sphere. Read more about the announcement here. 

LG Professionals Australia are coordinating a submission to the Federal Government to ensure that local government, and the issues and challenges facing the sector, are adequately considered. 

Our submission  will seek to provide a technical, non-partisan perspective on the value proposition for local government in future Australian governance. The submission is principally written by Professor Graham Sansom and Professor Mark Evans with significant guidance and input from LG Professionals Australia and the broader membership. 

Here’s how you can contribute 

Our sector has since grown to 560 local councils, employing tens of thousands of practitioners who are at the coal face of local communities, managing change and innovation across social, cultural, economic and environmental programs. Local government is the tier which is at the coal face of communities and therefore uniquely positioned to understand its needs.

It is important that individuals, and councils, have a voice in this process. 

We are seeking case studies to support our submission. They can be submitted in word document, video format, or via email.

There is no shortage of evidence that local action can make a big difference when it comes to tackling big issues. The case studies can be on any topic but we are looking for evidence to support how local governments have overcome  some of the major challenges facing the Australian Federation through:

The case studies should demonstrate what involvement your council has had to achieve the following outcomes in your community;

Working together to do better with less
Regaining gain public confidence in the political process
Demonstrating local government’s strengths as being place-based, multi-functional and in touch with communities
Making a difference by thinking locally         

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