Dr Cletius PutehoGraduated with PhD 2016

Research Interests

Critical Assessment of the Australian Settlement Reception: Case Study of the African Humanitarian Refugee Entrants in Australia


The Australian settlement has been under scrutiny for years despite a long history of migrants and refugee intake. It has been observed that African Humanitarian Refugee Entrants (AHRE) from refugee backgrounds experience enormous settlement challenges. The problem has attracted a number of evaluations in past years. African refugees arrive in Australia through various refugee settlement programs offered by the Australian government. They come with a set of challenges underpinned by traumas of long protracted conflicts in their home countries and in refugee camps. African refugees are unique among other refugees in Australia, having experienced extraordinary challenges central to their refugee situations, identity and cultures. The current Australian settlement initiatives and provisions still remain characterized by considerable complexities in the reception process of AHRE.

The one-size-fits-all settlement policy subjects African refugees to integration barriers. The purpose of the study is to examine the current Australian settlement services to AHRE in the context of the adjustment processes experienced by these entrants. The hardships, barriers and settlement problems experienced by African refugees in their efforts to rebuild their lives in Australia will be explored. The research focuses on four foundational settlement issues: settlement reception, identity and culture, community perception and refugee stereotyping.


Puteho Puteho is from Namibia. Completed Bachelor of Primary Teaching with Avondale College. He worked as a primary teacher for more than 15 years in Namibia. In 2008 he graduated his Masters of Education Leadership with the University of Canberra. He is currently a doctoral candidate (DPA) in Business and Government. His research interest is about refugees and migrant studies and refugee policy issue.

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