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Address: 50/50 by 2030 Foundation Building 24, IGPA University of Canberra


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Pia recently completed her PhD at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis.  Her thesis ‘The political is personal: A case study of MamaBake’ focused on alternative forms of political participation, and in particular on the ways in which mothers participate in social forums outside of formal political institutions. Pia is passionate about inclusive notions of politics and feminism, and seeks to further our understanding of the forms of activism that are not easily measured or quantified. 


Journal articles

  • Rowe, P. and Marsh, D. (2018). Between the social and the political: The role of proto-political sphere in political participation.  Democratic Theory.
  • Rowe, P. (2017). The everyday politics of parenting: A case study of MamaBake. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 1-16.
  • Rowe, P. C. (2017). Beyond Uber and Airbnb: The Social Economy of Collaborative Consumption. Social Media+ Society, 3(2), 2056305117706784.
  • Rowe, P. (2015). MamaBakers as Everyday Makers: the political is personal. Policy Studies, 36(6), 623-639.

Book chapters

  • Rowe, P. (2019). The O’Dwyer case: Don’t throw the mother out with the bathwater. In: From Turnbull to Morrison: Understanding the trust divide. Evans, M., Grattan, M. & McCaffrey, B. (eds). Melbourne University Press.
  • Rowe, P. & Grady, E. (forthcoming). I see your expertise and raise you mine: Social media foodscapes and the rise of the celebrity chef. In: Digital Food Cultures. Lupton, D.  and Feldman, Z. (eds). Routledge.
  • Pearson, D. and Rowe, P. (2013). Concepts and philosophy underpinning organic horticulture. In: Horticulture: Plants for People and Places. Dixon, G. and Aldous, D. (eds).


  • Haussegger, V., Evans, M., Halupka, M. & Rowe, P. (2018). From girls to men: Social attitudes to gender equality in Australia.
  • Miranti, R., Brown, L., Li, J., Tanton, R., Vidyattama, Y., Tuli, S.  Rowe, P. (2018). Child social exclusion, poverty and disadvantage in Australia.
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  • Miranti, R., Vidyattama, Y., Tanton, R., Schirmer, J., and Rowe, P. (2016). Evidence Check Review: The Review of Wellbeing Life Cycle, University of Canberra, the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA). Report written for the Sax Institute and New South Wales Family and Community Services (FACS).
  • Pearson, D. and Rowe, P. (2012). Communicating a sustainable future: United Nations messages for Australian youth. Report for the United Nations Information Centre for Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.


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