Professor Lawrence PratchettAcademic Fellow and Dean of Business, Government and Law



Centre for Change Governance


Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

Urban governance, political participation, crisis management


Professor Pratchett is the Dean of Business, Government and Law. Before taking up his present position he was Professor of Local Democracy and Head of the Department of Public Policy at De Montfort University in the United Kingdom and prior to that Director and co-founder of the Local Governance Research Unit. Professor Pratchett’s Phd won the Political Studies Association Walter Bagehot Prize for the best dissertation in public administration in the UK. He has published widely and has attracted significant research income.


Selected Publications:

  • Karakaya Polat, R., and Pratchett, L. (2014), “Citizenship in the age of the Internet: a comparative analysis of Britain and Turkey”, Citizenship Studies, 18, 1, pp. 63-80

  • Evans, M. & Pratchett, L. (2013), “The Localism Gap – the CLEAR failings of official consultation in the Murray Darling Basin”, Policy Studies, 34, 5-6, pp. 541-558

  • Pratchett, L. & Riordan, G. (2011), “Public versus private school debate misses the mark”

  • Pratchett, L. & Karakaya-Polat, R. (2009), “e-Citizenship: Reconstructing the public online”. In Durose, C., Greasely, S. & Richardson, E.(eds.), Changing Local Governance, Changing Citizens Policy Press

  • Pratchett, L., Wingfield, M. & Karakaya-Polat, R. (2008), “The barriers to local e-democracy in the UK”. In Norris , D.(eds.), E-Government Research: Policy and Management, (IDEA-Group Publishing, Hershey, USA)

  • Lowndes, V., Pratchett, L., & Stoker, G. (2006), “Diagnosing and remedying the failings of official participation schemes: the CLEAR framework”, Social Policy and Society (special issue on partnerships, governance and citizenship), 5, 2, pp. 281-291

  • Pratchett, L. (2006), “Local e-Democracy in Europe: a Comparison of Five Countries”. In Jeffrey, D. & Glidden, J.(eds.), Promoting Social Inclusion via e-Participation, (Council of Europe, Strasbourg)

  • Lowndes, V., Pratchett, L., & Stoker, G. (2006), “Local political participation: the impact of rules-in-use”, Public Administration, 84, 3, pp. 539-562

  • Pratchett, L. & Leach, S. (2005), “A New Vision for Local Government: Rhetoric or Reality?”, Parliamentary Affairs, 58, 2, pp. 318-334

  • Pratchett, L. (2005), “Local Autonomy, Local Democracy and the New Localism”, Political Studies, 52, 2, pp. 258-275

Research Projects & Grants
PhD Supervision

Areas of Supervision:

  • Urban governance
  • Political participation
  • Crisis management



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