Dr Tesfaye GebremedhinAssociate Fellow


Address: Building 11, Level B, Room 17 Phone: + 61 (0) 2 6201 2189

Research Interests

Development Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics, and Economics of Education.


Tesfaye Gebremedhin is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Business, Government and Law. Before this appointment, he held a lectureship position in economics at University of Sydney. Tesfaye’s major research interests are in development economics, labor economics, applied microeconomics, Economics of education and health economics. He holds a PhD in economics from University of Sydney, MA in economics from University of Tsukuba (Japan), and BA in economics from Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia).


Journal Articles

  • Mohanty I. & Gebremedhin, T. (2018). "Maternal autonomy and birth registration in India: Who gets counted?", PLOS ONE, 13, 3, pp. e0194095.

  • Gebremedhin, T. & Mohanty, I. (2016), "Child schooling in Ethiopia: The role of maternal autonomy", PloS One, 11, 12, pp. 1-20 

  • Gebremedhin, T. & Daly, A. (2015), "Can an “indigenous Employment Program” work? A case study of National Australia Bank, Economic Papers, 34, 3, pp. 128-138 
  • Gebremedhin, T. & Mavisakalyan, A. (2013), "Immigration and Political Instability", Kyklos, 66, 3, pp. 317-341.
  • Gebremedhin, T., Daly, A. & Sayem, M. (2013) A case study of Affirmative Action Australian style for Indigenous people, Australian Journal of Labor Economics, 16, 2, pp. 277-294
  • Gebremedhin, T. & Whelan, S. (2008), "Prices and Poverty in urban Ethiopia", Journal of African Economies, 17, 1, pp. 1-33  
Research Projects & Grants
PhD Supervision

Area of Supervision:

  • Development Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Health Economics
  • Economics of Education

Involvement in PhD Supervisory Panels:

  • Murman Budijanto, "Study of Efficiency in Australian Public Private Partnership Firms" (Primary Supervisor)
  • Emdad Haque, "Microfinance and Economic Growth. An Analysis of Cross-country Microfinance in a Macroeconomic Context" (Advisor)
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